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Driftwood Bonsai Trees
When people first see a driftwood bonsai,  (sharimiki in Japanese), they often ask "How did they do that?"  ...

In Japanese known as Sharamiki, is a miniature tree with an important part of its trunk barkless and filled with deadwood. A small strip of live trunk has to connect the leaves and living branches to the roots to carry nutrients. Driftwood trees look old and aged.

Driftwood Style (Saramiki)
The trunk is mostly deadwood. Mostly seen on junipers and yews where most of the trunk dead wood with just one or two veins running up to the few remaining branches.

4. Driftwood Style - Sharimiki or Sharikan, or Sabamiki
Weaving of life and death ...

Driftwood style -A bonsai on which dead wood is the dominant characteristic.
Evergreen- A plant which does not drop its leaves in the winter.
Exposed root style -Bonsai which exhibit a significant amount of roots which have been exposed ...

~ Style
This style is characterized by much of the trunk appearing dead. Live areas are sparse and the deadwood is bleached a bright white like ~ on a beach.

TANUKI 'cheats'/form where sapling is attached to deadwood/ also known as a 'Phoenix Graft'.
HOKIDACHI broom form
KENGAI cascade
HAN KENGAI semi-cascade
BUNJIN literati form
NEGARI exposed root form
SEKJOJU root over rock ...

As the twigs age they change to the colour of ~. George suggested that we help Nature along by spraying the debarked twigs with lime sulphur. This would preserve the twigs and fade them rapidly to ~ tones. We have allowed nature to take its course and the twigs are aging gracefully! ...

Shari and Sharamiki ~ style.
This type of style features a large piece of dead wood on the front of the trunk. Shari and Sharamiki are similar except that in Sharamiki, a larger portion of the trunk is dead. The dead piece of wood looks like ~ on a beach, silvery and weathered.

These accents can be plants, ~, carvings, viewing stones or items meant to relate to the bonsai subject. The accent should blend in with, or gently contrast, the mood of the bonsai. The purpose of the accent is subtle and should not be a literal restatement or mirror the mood of the bonsai.

- Split-trunk & ~ - Medium/deep rectangular or modern, unglazed
- Multiple Trunks - See Medium/deep rectangular, round or oval. Varies in accordance with trunk size
- Forest - Shallow oval or stone slab ...

Another angle of these cultivated in a piece of ~ with moss. Standing alone or as an accent, the contrast between the deadwood, the mushrooms, and the lush moss makes for a pleasing visual experience.
Alcohol Inky (Coprinus atramentarius)
Photograph by Will Heath ...

Bonsai Glossary: shari - Bleached, ~ area of trunk, where bark has been removed.
Bonsai Glossary: shohin - A small sized bonsai tree.

Sharimiki is a dead area on the trunk and is often described as '~ style' but is not a true style, more an effect that can be applied to a number of styles.

Choosing Trees, Styles & Pots
Bonsai & Computers
Video & Bonsai
Creating ~
Some Bonsai DIY Projects
Unusual Bonsai Species and Styles ...

After having a photo essay showcasing some of the many accents and Kusamono I have created by cultivating mushrooms in accent pots and ~ published in Bonsai Today, I received many requests to explain the process that I ...
Moss Basics ...

The plant is growing in the soil, tucked into a crevice of a rock or ~

myrtle in craggy cove ...

There are also some other forms that are not as popular to the public including split-trunk, ~, weeping, and windswept. These styles are usually ed used to describe the orientation and appearance of the plant's main trunk. Each style is presented below.

This concept has manifested itself in different styles, yet, the underlying idea remains the same. Here are some examples of bonsai styles: Informal Upright, Twin or Multi-Trunk, Slanting, Semi-Cascade, Cascade Literati, ~.

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