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Jin, Sharimiki and Sabamiki
Among the tricks used to 'Age' a bonsai is the dead wood technique. Used to give the impression of a tree that has perhaps been struck by lightning, or suffered some other trauma long ago.

When people first see a driftwood bonsai,  (sharimiki in Japanese), they often ask "How did they do that?" 
Sometimes the answer is nature created the dead wood, other times the answer is, it is man made.

As time passes, some trees develop bald or barkless places on their trunks as a result of harsh weather conditions. The bald part usually begins at the place where the roots emerge from the ground, and grows increasingly thinner as it continues up the trunk.

Driftwood Style
This style is characterized by much of the trunk appearing dead. Live areas are sparse and the deadwood is bleached a bright white like driftwood on a beach.

SHARIMIKI driftwood style
TANUKI style in which a live tree is attached to deadwood- also known as a 'Phoenix Graft'.
HOKIDACHI broom style
KENGAI full cascade style
HAN KENGAI semi-cascade style
SHIDARE-ZUKURI weeping style
BUNJIN literati style.

~ driftwood
TANUKI 'cheats'/form where sapling is attached to deadwood/ also known as a 'Phoenix Graft'.
HOKIDACHI broom form
KENGAI cascade
HAN KENGAI semi-cascade
BUNJIN literati form
NEGARI exposed root form
SEKJOJU root over rock ...

6. Shari Style (~)
The style portrays a tree as struggling to live while there is a large portion of its trunk that does not have any bark left.
Photo Credit: Steve Greaves via Compfight cc ...

can be made into ~ or Sabamiki. So trees with injured trunks are
desirable if you want to make ~. Otherwise, you should avoid such
Branch pruning is easy. New branches will not grow in expected ways,
furthermore this takes time.

4. Driftwood Style - ~ or Sharikan, or Sabamiki
Weaving of life and death ...

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