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Accrued wages

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Accrued Wages: A balance sheet item stating wages a company owes its employees.
Accumulation Plan: An arrangement that enables an investor to purchase mutual fund shares regularly in large or small amounts.

Accrued Wages:
Accrued wages are what a company owes to its employees, and are listed on a company's balance sheet as outstanding.
Accumulation Plan: ...

Accrued Wages. Wages that the company owes to its employees and hasn't paid yet. They are listed on a company's balance sheet.

[edit] Example: Accrued Wages Payable
Most companies pay their employees on a predetermined schedule. Let's say that the "Imaginary company Ltd." pays it's employees each Friday for the hours worked that week.

Company scrip was a credit against the accrued wages of employees. In the United States, where everything in a mining or logging camp was run, created and owned by a company, scrip provided the worker with credit when their wages had been depleted. These remote locations were cash poor.

These are liabilities which have occurred, but have not been paid during an accounting period. Examples would include accrued wages payable, accrued sales tax payable, and accrued rent payable.
Accrued Liability Expenses
Adjusted Sales Price ...

For example accrued wages or accounts payable may take priority over other unsecured creditors. If the company is publicly traded, all creditors such as Bond holders are paid before preferred stock holders leaving common stock holders as the last to get paid.

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Business  Accrued taxes  Accumulated benefit obligation

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