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Definition of acknowledgement of debt

An official written statement in which someone agrees that they have a debt and will pay it back. [1] ...

As usual I have benefited from talking with a long list of people about this project, starting with my colleagues Bob Stern, Jim Levinsohn, and Gordon Hanson.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - A statement by a person to the effect that they are aware of a certain fact. May also...
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ENTRIES (ACK/ATX) - standard entry class code, acknowledges the receipt of ACH credit p...

Acknowledgement of Receipt
A notification relating to the receipt of e.g. goods, messages and documents.
Act of God ...

A form used by a vendor to advise a purchaser that his/her order has been received, and usually to imply that it has been accepted.

The confirmation by a party executing a legal document that this is his signature and voluntary act.
Acquired surplus ...

~ of security: confirmation by the contractor or relevant party that it consents to the financier taking security over the relevant
project contracts.

The ~ step is one in which each party attempts to hear out the other. ~ allows both parties to build the empathy needed for the motivation of a synergistic solution to the problem.

A written ~ which grants legal validation to a repayment of all or part of a debt.

- The written ~ provided by a Broker that a trade has been completed. It includes details such as the date, price, commission, fees, settlement terms, and so on.

What kind of ~ will I get while making a purchase through online facility?
Upon successful payment, a confirmation page will be displayed containing transaction details and the relevant reference number. Further, an email confirmation will be sent to the registered email-id.

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Asset (finance) [r]: A term used in finance to denote a legal claim on something that has monetary value, such as the ~ of a debt or a share in the ownership of a company. [e] ...

A person authorized by the state (in which the person resides) to administer oaths (swearings to truth of a statement), take ~s, certify documents, and to take depositions if the notary is also a court reporter.

A Promissory Note, (different from an IOU, which is just an ~ of a debt), is a contractual document that one person gives to another as an unconditional promise to pay them a sum of money.

All of this comes after the name, the title, the preface and the ~. And we haven't even mentioned the index, the multiple reviews during the copy editing and type setting process and the final proof review.

Acceptance The drawee's ~ of the LIABILITY on a BILL OF EXCHANGE, in writing on the instrument itself. A bill may also bear the co-acceptance by a bank, which is a guarantee to honour the instrument in the event of default by the drawee.

Conversely, dividend cuts are often an ~ of some permanent deterioration in a company's business. Sometimes it only reflects a need to keep cash for capex. It is usually clear which it is.
Financial theory ...

Also called a contract. This is a printed ~ giving details of a sale or purchase of a security, which is normally mailed to a client by the investment dealer within 24 hours of an order being executed.
ConglomerateExpand/Collapse ...

When Congress passed the Balanced Budget Reconciliation Act in November of 1999, it was an ~ that BBA 1997 went too far. Slowly but surely, monies are beginning to flow back to home care and various provisions of BBA 97 are being revisited.

Wharfinger Receipt
An ~ of the receipt of goods by the wharfinger. It has no legal value.
User ID
Password ...

Note - A general term for any kind of paper or document signed by a borrower that is an ~ of the debt, and is, by inference, a promise to pay. When the note is secured by a mortgage, it is called a mortgage note and the mortgagee is named as the payee.

Evidence that one party has turned over something (cargo) to another. Commonly, in transportation, a signed, dated ~ of receipt.
A person who has an exclusive right or interest in property or in a business (the owner.) ...

social recognition and ~ of that commitment by the community of the married people (family, friends, and religious community),
religious treatment of the relationship and rules for how that relationship is entered into (referred to as "religious marriage"), ...

An ~ goes out to my teachers at
North Harrison High School, especially Duane Long, who taught me all the math I needed in my pursuits;
and Martha Woollums, who taught me the language skills needed for clear communication. Finally, I
want to thank the Yahoo! ...

Notice that Ferguson mentioned that "if the market has a minimal gap the following morning"? That's an ~ of the kind of huge gaps we've sometimes had. Perhaps those huge gaps render some of these observations less reliable, so always test for yourself.

Residential address or other address for service: An address for service is an address where legal documents must be accepted by the director or someone on their behalf, and where an ~ or delivery receipt can be provided, if required.

See also: See also: What is the meaning of Transaction, Agency, Banks, Expense, Valuation?

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