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Capital Stock
Capital stock is stock authorized for issue by the charter of any company. Capital stock includes both common and preferred stock.

capital stock
Ownership shares issued by a business corporation. A business
corporation may issue more than one class of capital stock shares.
One class may give voting privileges in the election of the directors of the ...

Capital Stock
Business / Finance / Capital Stock: One of two types of shares in a dual-purpose investment company, which entitle the holder to the appreciation or depreciation in the value of a portfolio, ...

capital stock
Financial Terms Canada - capital stock
the book value of the outstanding shares of a corporation
the maximum number of shares authorized under the terms of a corporation''s articles of incorporation ...

Capital stock
- Refers to all the common and preferred shares, if any, for a corporation.
- Ownership shares of a company, consisting of all common and preferred stock.

capital stock
A heading that includes common stock and preferred stock.
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Capital Stock:
The ownership shares of a corporation authorized by its articles of incorporation, including common and preferred stock.
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Definition of
capital stock
Stockholding & Investments
stock authorized by US firm's charter in the United States, the stock authorized by a company's charter, including common stock and preferred stock.

Capital stock
Capital stock is an item registered on a company's balance sheet that pertains to several issues of stock.

AUTHORIZED CAPITAL STOCK - the maximum number of shares of common stock that can be issued under a comp...
AUTHORIZED SHARES - Authorized shares are the shares described in the articles of incorporation which a...

Capital Stock
1) Equivalent to common stock. 2) The permanent invested capital of a corporation contributed by the owners either at or subsequent to the time the corporation is organized.

Capital Stock: All ownership shares of a company, both common and preferred.
Capitalization: The total amount of all securities, including long-term debt, common and preferred stock, issued by a company.

Capital stock (USA):
véase Capital stock (USA).
English: Share capital (UK)
Français: Capital de dotation ...

Capital Stock The account that represents the total amount of investment in the corporation by its stockholders (owners).

Capital Stock
Total number of shares a corporation is authorized to issue, as specified in the articles of incorporation.

Capital Stock: Amount of money or property contributed by stockholders to be used as the financial foundation for the corporation. It includes all classes of common and preferred stock.

Capital stock
All shares of stock that are or may be issued by a company.
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Capital Stock - All shares, common and preferred, authorized and issued by a company.
Capital Surplus - Amount a security's original purchase price exceeds its par value.

Capital stock
Capital stock is the total amount of money (equity) invested in a corporation by its shareholders (owners).

Capital stock
Stock authorized by a firm's charter and having par value, stated value, or no par value.

Capital stock - The aggregate quantity of capital goods. Or equity shares in a corporation that is authorised by its Articles of Incorporation and issued to stockholders.

CAPITAL STOCK, AGGREGATE SUPPLY DETERMINANT: One of several specific aggregate supply determinants assumed constant when the aggregate supply curves (both long run and short run) are constructed, ...

Capital stock
The value of an outstanding share of stock at the time it was issued
The combined sources of capital, consisting of dept capital (liabilities) and equity capital (capital stock and retained earnings).

Capital stock which gives a certain dividend that is paid prior to any dividends are paid to the common stock holders, and that takes priority over the common stock if the company must liquidate.
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CAPITAL STOCK and other SECURITIES that represent ownership shares, or the legal rights to purchase or acquire CAPITAL STOCK.

In accounting, a term used to identify the various classes or categories of equity investment in a corporation, such as AUTHORIZED STOCK, ISSUED AND OUTSTANDING, TREASURY STOCK, and UNISSUED STOCK.

Capital stock (market capitalization is the most commonly used term)
The total number of preferred and common stock representing ownership in a corporation.
Cash and cash equivalents ...

Capital StockExpand/Collapse
All shares representing ownership of a company, including preferred as well as common shares.
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Capital Stock includes the amounts received from investors for the stock of the company.

Capital stock is the total amount of money (equity) invested in a corporation by its shareholders (owners). The capital stock is made up of individual shares, which are registered in the names of the shareholders (also called stockholders).

Capital Stock Insurance Companies
A capital stock insurance company is a company that gets its capital from contributions from its stockholders in addition to its surplus accounts and reserve accounts.

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Preliminary Prospectus
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Income Statement
A quarterly or annual financial statement that shows a corporation's business results. It specifically shows all revenues, earnings, expenses, costs and taxes.

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