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Consolidated Tape

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Consolidated Tape
Business / Finance / Consolidated Tape: A bond that covers several units of property, sometimes refinancing mortgages on the properties.
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Definition of
consolidated tape
ticker tape listing all US stock exchange activity a ticker tape that lists all transactions of the New York and other US stock exchanges ...

Consolidated tape
Definition 1.
Used for listed equity securities. Combined ticker tapes of the NYSE and the curb. Network A covers the NYSE-listed securities and is used to identify the originating market.

Consolidated Tape
Combined market ticker tape reporting trades in qualified securities regardless of the market on which the trade was executed. Network A covers NYSE-listed securities.

Consolidated tape - The ticker tape reporting transactions in NYSE-listed securities that take place on the NYSE or any of the participating regional stock exchanges and other markets.

Consolidated Tape: System for providing the last sale price and volume of trades in exchange-listed securities. The system has two tapes: Network A and Network B.

Consolidated Tape
An electronic system that continuously reports data on the sales volume and price of exchange traded securities.
Understanding The Ticker Tape
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consolidated tape
combined tapes of the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange. It became operative in June 1975. Network Acovers NYSE-listed securities and identifies the originating market.

See: Consolidated tape
Describing an opinion that is neither bearish not bullish. Neutral option strategies are generally designed to perform best if there is little or no net change in the price of the underlying stock or index.

Consolidated Tape
A US high-speed system that continuously provides the last sale price and volume of any securities transaction in listed stocks to the publi...(Read more)
Consolidated Tape Association ...

See: Consolidated tape. Tape is lateWhen the trading volume is so heavy that trades appear on the tape more than a minute behind the timer they actually take place.

See: consolidated tape. Target cash balance Optimal amount of cash for a firm to hold, considering the trade-off between the opportunity costs of holding too much cash and the trading costs of holding too little cash.

Network A/Network B See: Consolidated tape Neutral hedge Hedge that is expected to yield a dollar-neutral result of the combined position, regardless of price change in any part of the hedge securities.

A second industry group, the Consolidated Tape Association ("CTA"), has two plans: the Consolidated Tape Plan ("CT Plan") and the Consolidated Quotation Plan ("CQ Plan"), which provide, respectively, ...

The consolidated tape includes companies that trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), regional exchanges and other markets, such as Instinet.

XDIS - A symbol used specifically upon the consolidated tape to indicate a security trading ex-distribution.
XRT - A symbol used specifically upon the consolidated tape to indicate a security trading ex-rights.

Note appearing on the consolidated tape indicating that for transactions of less than 5000 shares only the stock symbol and the trading price will be displayed. This usually occurs when the tape is running behind because of heavy trading.

Volume deleted
A note appearing on the consolidated tape when the tape is running behind under heavy trading, meaning that only the stock symbol and price will be shown for trades under 5000 shares.

Block traders term for a block trade that has been completed with an institutional client and printed on the consolidated tape, ...

Letters used to identify companies on the consolidated tape and other locations.
A computer program that organizes numerical data into rows and columns in order to calculate and make adjustments based on new data.

Definition: [crh] Shortened version of "sold last sale," which shows up on the consolidated tape when a large change (one point for lower pDefinition: riced securities and two points for higher-priced securities) occurs between transactions.

(1) Service that reports prices and sizes of transactions on major exchanges-ticker tape. (2) Dow Jones and other news wires. See: Consolidated tape.

See also: See also: Transaction, Index, Expense, Agency, Exercise price

Business  Consolidated Financial Statement  Consolidated tax return

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