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A business plan needs to be realistic, so it is important to set out in detail the constraints that are likely to act as limits on business activity.
Typical constraints facing the business include:
1.The size of the market.

In financial accounting this term often refers to the accounting guidelines or principles of conservatism and materiality.
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Formulate the constraints as inequalities:
2A + 4B < 100
3A + 2B < 90 ...

Constraint Management
Critical chain
Donella Meadows' twelve leverage points to intervene in a system ...

CONSTRAINT - is a limiting factor to business activity.
CONSTRUCTION BUDGET - Money that the builder sets aside for building a structure.
CONSTRUCTION COST BREAKDOWN (CCB) - A form used to breakdown every cost incurred in the building of a h...

Budget Constraint
A budget constraint is an accounting identity that describes the consumption options available to an agent with a limited income (or wealth) to allocate among various goods.

Purchase Constraints
Purchase constraints refer to something that could prevent you from investing in a specific mutual fund.

External constraints
Definition: Factors beyond the control of a consumer or firm which influence economic behaviour.
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Any limit on an optimization or other selection process.

Constraints - Factors which restrict decision making.
Consumable - A resource attribute representing a type of capacity. A resource with consumable capacity can have its capacity value permanently altered as a result of being tasked, e.g.

Budget constraint All of the possible combinations of goods that can be purchased (at fixed prices) with a specific budget.
Budget deficit When government spending exceeds its revenue.

Revenue Constraints
A debt service solution concept that requires a revenue cash flow in order to set an upper limit of periodic (e.g., annual) debt service.

Pricing Constraints - Pricing constraints limit the prices a company may set for their goods or services.

Constraints (also called "action assertions")
Every enterprise constrains behavior in some way, and this is closely related to constraints on what data may or may not be updated.

A constraint is anything that prevents an organization or an individual from getting more of what it wants.
Contingency ...

Constraints on spending that under certain circumstances can be violated or even viewed as constituting targets rather than absolute limits.
Soft currency ...

BUDGET CONSTRAINT: The alternative combinations of two different goods that can be purchased with a given income and given prices of the two goods.

budget constraint an income limitation on a person's expenditure on goods and services. (5)
budget cycle the more than two-year process in which the federal budget is proposed, modified, enacted, and implemented. (29) ...

Our risk constraint then directly impacts how we should allocate funds between stocks, bonds and cash.
Why Invest some Money in Bonds and Cash as well as Stocks?

A potential error in special order pricing is acceptance of special orders offering the highest contribution margin per dollar of sales, while ignoring capacity constraints.

theory of constraints (TOC)
a method of analyzing the bottlenecks
(constraints) that keep a system from achieving
higher performance; it states that production cannot take
place at a rate faster than the slowest machine or person
in the process ...

Theory of constraints: A relatively new operations management tool that increases production throughput and decreases inventory levels by identifying bottleneck operations and increasing throughput at those operations.

Despite these constraints, which worked sporadically and unpredictably, the benefits of capitalism were widely diffused. Luxuries quickly were transformed into necessities.

Budget constraint
1. For an individual or household, the condition that income equals expenditure (in a static model), or that income minus expenditure equals the value of increased asset holdings (in a dynamic model).

cash-in-advance constraint: A modeling idea. In a basic Arrow-Debreu general equilibrium there is no need for money because exchanges are automatic, through a Walrasian auctioneer.

Well, the theory of constraints is just the idea that an organization is no stronger than its weakest link.

manager's control--such as the interest rate environment and client-imposed duration policy constraints--and
those that the management process contributes to, such as interest rate management, sector/quality allocations,
and individual bond selection.

BONDPAR decomposes the return into the elements beyond the manager's control--such as the interest rate environment and client-imposed duration policy constraints--and those that the management process contributes to, ...

The development of one type rather other models is to be found in operating efficiency specific to each bank and the regulatory constraints applied by different countries.

In portfolio selection, we often minimize the variance of the portfolio (which is a quadratic function) subject to constraints on the mean return of the portfolio.

Show me type customer whose attitude is one of pickiness on price, either due to his own feeling on the stock or constraints imposed upon him as a fiduciary for a portfolio of stocks (and thus his need to examine the portfolio goals and restraints ...

Mathematical programming An operations research technique that solves problems in which an optimal value is sought subject to specified constraints.

We often face not only financial constraints, but also shortages of information, time, and cognitive...
When Form Follows Function: How Core-Satellite Investing Has Sparked an Era of Convergence
by Christopher Holt ...

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Business  Constant yield method  Construction in Progress

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