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Consular invoice

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Consular Invoice
Consular Invoice definition :
A document prepared by the shipper and certified in the country of origin by a consul of the country of importation. It shows the transaction details and origin of the goods.
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CONSULAR INVOICE - A document prepared by the shipper and certified in the country of origin by a consu...
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Consular Invoice.
A document, required by some foreign countries, describing a shipment of goods and showing information such as the consignor, consignee, and value of the shipment.

Consular Invoice
An invoice covering a shipment of goods, usually required to be certified by the counsel of the country for which the merchandise is destined. It may be required to be on a special form and be subject to the payment of special fees.
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Consular Invoice
A detailed statement regarding the character of goods shipped, duly certified by the consul of the importing country at the port of shipment.

A document, required by some countries, which provides information on the shipment of goods (e.g. consignor, consignee, value of the shipment, etc.).

~ . This kind of invoice serves the same general purpose as the commercial invoice, but it must be worded in the language of the nation for which the goods are intended. Consular invoices are so named because they can be obtained from the destination country's consulate.

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The date a taxpayer receives dividends or other income, for use in the determination of taxes.
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A Bolivian revenue stamp of 1951 to collect the fee on consular invoices.
In international law, consularization is the act of authenticating any legal document by the consul office, by the consul signing and affixing a red ribbon to the document.

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