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Financial Terms Canada - encumbrance
an onerous or difficult concern; "the burden of responsibility"; "that''s a load off my mind"
a charge against property (as a lien or mortgage) ...

ENCUMBRANCE - Any claim, lien, charge or liability attached to and binding on real property that may le...
ENCUMBRANCES - Obligations in the form of purchase orders, contracts or salary commitments that are cha...
END LENDER - See permanent lender.

Committing money for a specific purchase or service before payment is actually made, such as a purchase order, internal service request, etc. Encumbered funds are not available for use by the organization.
Film Log Request ...

Claim or lien or interest in a property that complicates the title process, interfering with its use or transfer. Restrictive covenants.
End Loan
Conversion of a construction loan to a permanent mortgage, on a multi-unit project, after all units have been completed.

(1) MORTGAGE or other lien on the entity's ASSETS; (2) Anticipated EXPENDITURE; (3) Uncompleted or undelivered portion of a purchase commitment.

Anything that affects or limits the title to a property, such as a lien, mortgage, or other financial claim against a property.

Those charges or the security that attaches to any kind of property. For example, if there is a mortgage on a piece of property, then the property is said to be encumbered by that mortgage.

~ - Any right to or interest in land that diminishes its value. Includes outstanding mortgage loans, unpaid taxes, easements, deed restrictions, mechanic's liens and leases.

Equity is the difference between the price for which a property could be sold and the total debts registered against it.

An account in which the estimated amount of expense or expenditure that the organization has contracted for is recorded when goods are ordered.
~ system ...

Anything that has a legal claim over a property and which affects the ownership of that property often a mortgage.

~ - A claim on property, such as a mortgage, a lien for work and materials, or a right of dower. The interest of the property owner is reduced by the amount of the ~.
Exclusions - Items or conditions that are not covered by the general insurance contract.

Obligations in the form of purchase orders, contracts or salary commitments that are chargeable to an appropriation and for which a part of the appropriation is reserved. ~s are eliminated when paid or when an actual liability is set up.

~ Any outside interest in property, such as a mortgagee or conditional sales contract.
endorsement A written provision that adds to, deletes, or modifies the provisions in the original contract.

~: anything that affects title to a property, such as loans, leases, easements, or restrictions.

A right, other than an ownership interest, in real property.
The term "~" includes mortgages and other liens on real property.

~ - A reservation of an expenditure authority for an obligation in the form of purchase orders or contracts. An ~ represents a commitment. It is not an expenditure.

~ - A liability (e.g.. a mortgage is an ~ on a property). Also, any money set aside (i.e. reserved) for any purpose.
Ending inventory - The value of the inventory at the end of the period often calculated by conducting a stocktake.

A lien, charge or liability against a property.
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A claim against a property by another party. ~ usually impacts the transferability of the property and can restrict its free use until the encumberance is removed.

"~" (or "Incumbrance") designates any lien or claim on a tangible asset, such as real estate Assets, transportation Assets, Inventories or equipment.
(See Chapter 22 Shares of the Vernimmen)
To know more about it, look at what we have already written on this subject ...

Any claim or ~, usually discovered in a title search, that may impair the title to a property, and make its validity questionable. See: bad title.
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Personal Finance Glossary ...

An interest or ~ held by a creditor in a debtor's real or personal property for the satisfaction of a debt. The lien may arise as a result of a consensual contract between the debtor and the creditor such as a security agreement or a mortgage.

Lien. A type of ~ that makes designated property security for a debt or for an obligation. For example, a mortgage or a tax judgment.

[ITDS] abstract of title A statement usually prepared by an attorney that traces the history of ownership of real property to determine the status of its present title, and includes all items of record that might impair the title, such as liens, charges or ~s.

The purpose of Searches are to establish whether there are any ~s, or other disabilities or concerns which may unavailable for sale, adversely affect the value of the property, may render the property or which might cause the purchaser not to buy.

An ~ does not legally prevent transfer of the property to another. A title search is all that is usually done to reveal the existence of such ~s, and it is up to the buyer to determine whether he wants to purchase with the ~, or what can be done to remove it.

It is also common for due diligence in a commercial property transaction to include securing a title insurance policy regarding the ownership of the property and the ~s to which it is subject, ...

A mortgage is generally publicly recorded in the county where the property is located, creating an ~ on the title called a lien. The word mortgage is more commonly used to mean any loan for real estate.

Covenant of Seisin & Covenant of Right to Convey - Covenants that represent the seller's promise that he has title and possession and can validly grant or convey both
Covenant Against ~s - Seller promises that there are no ~s, ...

Lien: A legal ~ or claim of one person on the property of another as security for a debt or charge.

It is gross financial result (profit or loss) decreased by obligatory ~s.
Net turnover profitability ratio
Relation of net financial result to revenues from total activity.

A document identifying the ownership of land. It shows who owns it and whether there are any mortgages or other ~s on it.
Property other than real estate, such as moveable possessions that may be included in a sale, e.g. furniture.

Cloud on title
Any claim or ~, usually discovered in a title search, that may impair the title to a property, and make its validity questionable. See: bad title.

Merchantable title; title free and clear of objectionable liens or ~s.
a) The termination period of a note
b) The date a note becomes due ...

A mortgage on real property is a lien. An ~ on the title of an automobile is a lien.

The other hassles with reference to real estate investment are documentation, maintaining the asset without any ~s, and genuineness of the title deed.

Negative Pledge: A covenant whereby a borrower and/or guarantor will undertake not to create or allow creation of ~s on its assets. Negative pledges typically are subject to numerous negotiated exceptions.

IBM can go to the sky without any ~s. If IBM moves up significantly, you can sell the current protective put and buy another protective put at a higher level locking in a large percentage of your profits and, once again, have the necessary protection.

Their duties may include recording deeds, carrying adequate insurance, renting a safe-deposit box, inspecting property from time to time, supervising all investments, paying off ~s and taxes that might jeopardize title, and keeping property in good repair.

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Closing TRIN See: TRIN Cloud on title Any claim or ~, usually discovered in a title search, that may impair the title to a property, and make its validity questionable. See: bad title.

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