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Internalization involves the conversion of Explicit knowledge to Tacit knowledge through a
learning process. See also: Combination, Externalization, Knowledge management,

Internalization occurs when a securities trade is executed within a brokerage firm rather than though an exchange. For example, if you give your broker an order to buy, the brokerage firm, acting as dealer, sells you shares it holds in its own account.

Market internalization advantages
Conditions that allow a corporation to exploit the failure of an arm's length market to deliver goods or services efficiently.
Market jitters
Anxiety among many investors, causing them to sell stocks and bonds, pushing prices down.

Market Internalization Advantages - Advantages that allow the multinational corporation to internalize or exploit the failure of an arms-length market to efficiently accomplish a task.
Market Maker - A financial institution that quotes bid (buy) and offer (sell) prices.

Rates of interest paid on deposits and other investments, determined by the interaction of the supply of and demand for funds in the money market. Market internalization advantages ...

One of the three pillars of the OLI paradigm for understanding FDI and the formation of multinational enterprises, this refers to the advantage that a firm derives from keeping multiple activities within the same organization.
Internalize ...

Eclectic paradigmA theory that posits three types of advantages benefiting a multinational corporation: ownership-specific, location-specific, and market ~ advantages. EconometricsThe quantitative science of modelling the economy.

A multinational corporation's market ~ advantages may take advantage of market failure. Market-if-touched (MIT) A price order, below market if a buy or above market if a sell, that automatically becomes a market order if the specified price is reached.

Some brokerages are certainly better than others at getting you that best execution, either because of the brokerage's ~ and payment-for-order-flow practices or because of the decision-making process mentioned in the previous paragraph. You can check out some of this information.

If the company and its products are equipped with ownership advantage and ~ advantage, they enter through low-risk modes such as exporting. Exporting requires significantly lower level of investment than other modes of international expansion, such as FDI.

The key features include pre-trade anonymity, the ability to aggregate interest five price levels deep on each side of the market, ~ of orders still available, time stamps of individual orders to preserve position and priority, ...

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