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International marketing
International marketing involves recognising that people all over the world have different needs. Companies like Gillette, Coca-Cola, BIC, and Cadbury Schweppes have brands that are recognised across the globe.

INTERNATIONAL MARKET - Related: External market
INTERNATIONAL MARKET INDEX - An index listed on the American Stock Exchange tracking the performance of...

International Market Index
Definition: An index listed on the American Stock Exchange tracking the performance of 50 American Depository Receipts traded on the AMEX, NYSE, and NASDAQ.
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A graphical model used to analyze the trade between two nations based on the domestic markets for a particular good in each nation.

International market
Related: external market.
International market index
An index listed on the American Stock Exchange tracking the performance of 50 American Depositary Receipts traded on the American Stock Exchange, NYSE, and NASDAQS.

International markets for deposits and securities denominated in currencies other than the currency of the country where the transaction occurs. The major offshore market center is London and the major offshore currency is US dollars.

An international market for shipping and freight in the City of London. [1]
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In international markets, the difference in the interest rates of two distinct economic regions. If a trader is long the NZD/USD pair, he or she owns the New Zealand currency and borrows the US currency.

and International Markets: The Foreign Information Transmission (FIT) Model The Global Financial System: A Functional Perspective foreign currency reserves global economy gold standard IBRD IMF ...

The melding of international markets as a result of advances in telecommunications and transportation, increasing global trade and new competitors in the developing world.
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The international markets for the investment of currencies outside their country of origin and free from government interference.

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A form of state trading enterprise, a marketing board typically buys up the domestic supply of a good and sells it on the international market.
1. The amount (percentage) by which price exceeds marginal cost.

On the other side, both the structure of the international market and the economic policy decisions with their speculative element play a key role in formulating the price level.

Export management companyA foreign or domestic company that acts as a sales agent and distributor for domestic exporters in international markets. Export Management Consultant (EMC) A company serving as the export department of other firms.

in the US and sold outside the US as long as not more than 50% of the value is imported into the US Export management company A foreign or domestic company that acts as a sales agent and distributor for domestic exporters in international markets.

The Dow Jones BRIC 50 China Subindex is an international market capitalization weighted index. The Dow Jones BRIC 50 China Subindex is one of the four subindex used in the Dow Jones BRIC 50 Index.

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^ Though except in the early years of the Bretton Woods System when international markets were heavily constrained by capital controls, ...

the commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services; "Venice was an important center of trade with the East"; "they are accused of conspiring to constrain trade" ...

While that market originated within Europe-and is still largely centered there-it is a truly international market. Transactions are not subject to any particular nation's regulations.

This type of mutual fund invests in stocks, bonds, or cash equivalents that are traded in overseas markets, or in indexes that track international markets.

Actions by governments or firms to affect their competitive performance in international markets.

IMI - International Market Index (US, AMEX)
IML - Institut Montaire Lunxembourgeois IMM - International Monetary Market (US, CME)
IMRO - Investment Managers' Regulatory Authority (UK)
INS - institutional net settlements ...

Advertising has created an international market for many items, especially trademarked and labeled goods. In 1999 more than $308 billion was spent on advertising in the United States alone.

Also referred to as the international market, the offshore market, or, more popularly, the Euromarket, ...

External Market Also termed international market, Euromarket, offshore market.

This flight is usually caused by uncertainty in the financial or international markets.

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Factors which could drive markets down include: high oil prices, the market's moderate overvaluation, terrorist attacks, international market events such as the drop in China's stock market, lower consumer confidence, declining housing prices, ...

By eliminating all possible RISK of DEVALUATION against the dollar, the cost of local companies' and the government's borrowing in international markets is reduced, as the currency risk is removed.

Euro Sterling bonds are corporate bonds issued by UK companies in the international markets rather than in the domestic UK market.

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