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[12] Thomas Naylor (1970) defined a (simulation) model as "an attempt to describe the interrelationships among a corporation's financial, marketing, and production activities in terms of a set of mathematical and logical relationships which are programmed into the computer.

Economists use simplified models to study interrelationships. In general, they consider the relationship
between two variables at a time; they consider the effects of a change in one of the variables on the other

Cleaver commented in Management Science that "mathematical models that show interrelationships among decision variables are indispensable to management science.

A branch of the social sciences that takes as its principal subject of study the interrelationships between political and economic institutions and processes.

The Gantt chart is an effective tool for planning and scheduling operations involving a minimum of dependencies and interrelationships among the activities.

A chart showing the hierarchical ~ of positions within an organization.
Original Issue Discount securities (OIDS)
Bonds on which the coupon rate is set considerably below the yield to maturity at the time of issuance so that the bonds are issued at a discount from a par value.

Definition: A plan based on the ~ of the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) to market a product to consumers. The plan should project targets and ensure that these can be effectively measured.
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These numbers possess a number of ~, such as the fact that any given number is approximately 1.618 times the preceding number.
Fibonacci And The Golden Ratio
High-Tech Fibonacci
Make Money With The Fibonnaci ABC Pattern
Taking The Magic Out Of Fibonacci Numbers ...

Organization chart
A chart showing the hierarchical ~ of positions within an organization.
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
A cartel of oil-producing countries.

a process of service department cost allocation
that considers all ~ of the departments
and reflects these relationships in simultaneous
equations ...

The business process model provides a breakdown (process decomposition) of all levels ofbusiness processes within the scope of a business area. It also shows process dynamics,lower-level process ~.

integration and interaction among people, small businesses and corporations in various locations around the world. It is usually used as an umbrella term which refers to a complex format of macro to micro economic, trade, social, technological, cultural and political ~.

All of the above contribute to create a realistic and credible business plan to provide a broader analysis and a clearer understanding of the ~ between the variables considered and any subsequent action.

A field of study within social science, especially political science, that addresses the ~ between international economics and political forces and institutions.
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