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Permanent capital

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Permanent Capital
The capital that a company has that is supposed to be an aspect of a balance sheet for over one year. The capital is to include non-current liabilities and equity.
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Permanent capital - Share capital which is never repaid by the company.
Permanent employment - Employment for an indefinite period of time.

Permanent Capital Vehicle - PCV
An investment entity for managing capital for an unlimited time horizon. A PCV is typically geared toward growing capital at the best long-term rate, and is therefore less focused on shorter-term performance.

To focus solely on the more permanent capital of the term, the debt/asset ratio can also be calculated by dividing long-term liabilities (obligations not due for one year or longer) by total assets.

The balance sheet also commonly includes stock-holders' equity accounts, which detail the permanent capital of the business.

primary capital A bank's permanent capital.
primary dealer Primary government securities dealer.
primary government securities dealer A Treasury securities dealer with whom the New York Fed transacts in its open market activities.

BRIDGE FINANCING - temporary funding that will eventually be replaced by permanent capital from equity ...
BRIDGE LOAN - Not used much anymore, bridge loans are obtained by those who have not yet sold their pre...

As the name implies, bridge financing is intended as temporary funding that eventually will be replaced with permanent capital.

Capitalization A company's amount of permanent capital. Usually measured as the sum of a company's market value of long term equity and debt.

Funds, other than paid-up capital and retained earnings, employed in a business and which will remain in a business as permanent capital.
Residual Value
Typically estimated based on the present value of the after-tax cash flows expected to be earned after the forecast period.

There are several classifications of tier 2 capital, which is composed of supplementary capital and are called temporary capital unlike, tier 1 which is permanent capital.

temporary capital accounts Accounts used to record information during the fiscal period that will be transferred to a permanent capital account at the end of the period.
term The length of time the borrower has to repay a promissory note.

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Business  Permanent assets  Permanent current assets

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