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Definition: Limits on the amount of a good produced, imported, exported or offered for sale.
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Quotas and Quota System
Absolute quotas permit a limited number of units of specified merchandise to be entered or withdrawn for consumption during specified periods.

A system of controlling imports, exports or production by specifying a certain limitation.
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Many governments have established quotas of limiting imports by class of goods or country of origin. Sometimes importing countries require issuance of licenses before U.S. companies may ship to them.
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Export Quotas
A specific restrictions or ceilings imposed by an exporting country on the value or volume of certain exports to protect domestic producers and consumers from temporary shortages of the goods affected or to bolster their prices in world markets.

Tariff ~:
A two tier tariff system, i.e. when imports within a set quota may enter at a lower tariff rate than imports exceeding such a quota.
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Export ~
Specified maximums which a nation places on the value or volume of certain of its exports.
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Import quotas. Government-imposed limits on the quantities of certain goods and services allowed to be imported. Like import tariffs, import quotas are used by governments to protect domestic industries from foreign competition. See protection.

~ on pollution. Often it is advocated that ~ should be implemented by way of tradeable emissions permits, which if freely traded may ensure that reductions in pollution are achieved at least cost.

~ prompt foreign suppliers to raise their prices toward the domestic level of the importing country.

Import quotas once played a much greater role in global trade, but the 1995 renegotiation of GATT has made it increasingly difficult for a country to introduce them. Nations can no longer impose temporary ~ to offset surges in imports from foreign markets.

Quantity restrictions imposed by the government of one nation on imports from other nations. The primary goal of import quotas is to reduce imports and increase domestic production.

Import quotas restrict the amount of imports to a specific level. Once that level is reached, additional
domestic demand will have to be met by domestic producers. This will mean that if demand increases, ...

Other than ~ or bans, however, a variety of nontariff barriers may impede global free trade.

Marketing ~
Payments received by farmers in consideration for the right granted to other farmers to use their marketing ~ (e.g. eggs, milk, fowl) are considered as income from a farm business.
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Tariff Rate Quotas
(Customs) Application of a higher duty rate to imported goods after a specified quantity of the item has entered the country at a lower prevailing rate.
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The system of ~ and subsidies presents another complicated problem. After the fall of communism, the Central and Eastern European countries adjusted to the market and became more productive.

Countries have voting power in the IMF in proportion to their IMF ~.
The migration of people into a country.
Immiserizing growth
Economic growth that makes the country worse off.

Protectionism Notion that governments should protect domestic industry from import competition by means of tariffs, ~, and other trade barriers.

of their product below the levels the member firms would produce if left to themselves (that is, to produce at levels where the marginal cost of production is well below the price per unit), the cartel must also work out some mutually acceptable formula for assigning maximum production quotas to ...

- freer - lowering trade barriers through negotiation; barriers include customs duties or tariffs and measures such as import bans or ~ that restrict quantities selectively; ...

Nurkse emphasised that tariff duties, exchange controls, import quotas and other non-tariff barriers to trade are major obstacles to promoting international cooperation in exporting and importing.

Things like import and export taxes, tariffs, inspection regulations, and ~ can all be part of a nation's trade policy.

Free trade agreements reduce or eliminate tariffs and ~ between trading partners. The largest free trade agreement is NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement, which is between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Other free trade agreements are CAFTA, which is between the U.S.

Policies that govern the use of IMF resources by its members, including access limits set in terms of members' ~. The access policy, including annual and cumulative limits, under the credit tranches and the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) are reviewed each year.

OPEC acts as an oil cartel, trying to fix prices by controlling output, primarily through production quotas. OPEC members control about two-thirds of the world's estimated reserves of oil. OPEC members produce perhaps 40% of global output and, more importantly, around 50% of exports.

Such constraints can take the form of tariffs, ~, exchange controls, or non-tariff barriers (Sec.I).

Protectionism Using tariffs, trade restrictions and ~ to protect domestic industry and businesses from competition from overseas. … [Read more...]
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Protecting domestic industry from import competition by means of tariffs, ~, and other
trade barriers.
Policy of tariffs or import quotas to protect domestic producers from foreign competition.

Quota sampling
A type of sampling where ~ are set for certain cells or demographics.
Random sample
A sample taken from any given population in which each person maintains equal chances of being selected.

Tariff Rate Quota. Tariff rate quotas provide two rates of duty for a product -- a lower within quota rate and a higher over quota rate.

1, autonomous tariff suspensions and tariff ~, preferential arrangements, anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard and retaliatory duties, as well as import charges laid down under the common agricultural policy and specific arrangements for processed agricultural products ...

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Protecting domestic industry from import competition by means of tariffs, ~, and other trade barriers.
Call protection
A feature of some callable bonds that establishes an initial period when the bonds may not be called.

the policy of imposing duties or ~ on imports in order to protect home industries from overseas competition ...

They can include mechanisms to influence market prices by adjusting export ~ and production when market prices reach certain trigger price levels.

Swiss to vote on blanket immigrant ~
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At the intersection of proprietary trading and investment banking. Lower end talent but high stress jobs driven by ~ and at some banks egos.
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Wealth and asset management for high networth individuals ...

A form of restrictive trade where barriers to trade are set up and take a form other than a tariff. Nontariff barriers include ~, levies, embargoes, sanctions and other restrictions, and are frequently used by large and developed economies.

Non-tariff Barrier: Trade-restrictive practices other than custom tariffs (e.g., import quotas).
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): A treaty allowing for free trade and investment between Canada, U.S., and Mexico.
Note: An instrument recognized as a legal evidence of debt.

Trade Restrictions - Are taxes, tariffs, capital constraints, multiple currency rates dependent on type of transaction, ~, and other impediments or requirements to execute an exchange of goods, services or financial transactions.

Notion that governments should protect domestic industry from import competition by means of tariffs, ~, and other trade barriers.
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Collusive oligopoly - Where oligopolists agree, (formally or informally) to limit competition between themselves. They may set output ~, fix prices, limit product promotion or development, or agree not to 'poach' each other's markets.

The selling of services by offshore outsourcing service providers to foreign clients is free from actions specifically designed to hinder international trade, such as tariff barriers, currency restrictions, and import quotas.

Quantitive Restrictions (QR) - Restrictions on trade, generally in the form of ~, that limit the quantity o a good or service that can be imported or exported. Another form of quantity restriction is a VER, or Voluntary Export Restraint.

An international organisation founded in 1947 to promote maintenance of equilibrium in the balance of payments among the various nations of the world. The functions of the IMF include the levying of ~ on member nations to create a pool of funds available to be loaned to nations facing balance ...

Consignment is an agreement between two companies that payment will only be received from the receiving / selling company after the goods have been sold and the supplying company agrees to this deal. In certain type of consignments there is performance ~ assigned to the receiving company ...

Under the common form of reinsurance known as excess reinsurance, the reinsurer covers losses exceeding a certain limit specified in advance, and then only for the excess of the amount of the loss over the fixed limit. There are also ~hare (pro rata) and stop loss (excess) types as well as ...

Credits' prices are determined by the market. They are volatile and currently sell for about $10 to $15. The price is heavily influenced by the European Union's emissions trading scheme because companies can also buy CDM credits to fulfil their ~. [1]
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The extravagant life of a loans officer, where people would line up outside the office to request a loan, is over. Now, more than ever, loan officers are starting to feel the pressures of finding new customers. In some cases, they even have monthly ~ to fill.

Opposition to FREE TRADE. Although intended to protect a country's economy from foreign competitors, it usually makes the protected country worse off than if it allowed international trade to proceed without hindrance from trade barriers such as ~ and TARIFFS.
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However there are, and have been, various exemptions for particular industries. Some cartels in international markets are operated by national governments; the best example of this the oil cartel OPEC. OPEC sets output ~ rather than selling prices, ...

Eligible capital property consists of intangible property of unlimited duration, such as goodwill, a customer list, trademarks, or government rights, franchises of unlimited duration, unlimited patents, incorporation and reorganization costs, and milk ~.

complex regulations for trade, depending on the complexity of goods and services traded in their jurisdiction. States also regulate trade between parties in different jurisdictions. For example, two countries may encourage trade between each other, or, more famously, discourage trade through ~ ...

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