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Significant influence

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Significant influence
Definition: [crh] The holding of a large portion of the equity of a corporation, usually at least 20%, which gives the holder aDefinition: significant amount of control over the corporation.

Significant Influence
The extent of influence of an investor over the operating and financial
policies of an investee. Typically implied when an investor has a voting interest of between 20%
and 50% of an investee's voting shares.

Significant influence is ownership interest to the extent that the investor can affect strategic operating, investing, and financing policies of the investee.
Simple extension ...

is also acceptable, but a rubber-stamp signature with a signature line is acceptable only if signed on that line. With joint tenancy, one signature is sufficient, as in the case of one trustee signing for two or more.
Significant influence ...

[ITDS] affiliated company A company that exercises a significant influence over another company. Any direct or indirect common ownership.

It can also be used instead of the market value method when the investor owns less than 20% of the company but has significant influenceover the investee.

An investor may acquire enough ownership in the stock of another company to permit the exercise of "significant influence" over the investee company.

investments in which the investing company has significant influence over the operating and financial policies of the investee (the legal entity into which an investor has made an equity investment).

This method is used when the investor owns 20 percent or more of the investee and has significant influence over the investee. Under the equity method, the investment is originally recorded on the books of the investor at its cost.

When one buyer or seller in a market has the ability to exert significant influence over the quantity of goods and SERVICES traded or the PRICE at which they are sold.

an enterprise in which the investor has significant influence and which is neither a subsidiary nor a joint venture of the investor
Balance sheet total
sum of the assets or the sum of shareholders' equity and outside capital ...

Investors cost basis is adjusted up or down (in proportion to the % of stock ownership) as the investee's retained earnings fluctuation; used for long-term investments in equity securities of affiliate where holder can exert significant influence; ...

Because private equity stakes are fairly large, private equity investors generally have a significant influence over management and much better access to financial information.

For an investment to be considered "direct," it must be large enough to give the investor control or significant influence over the foreign operation.

In nations with highly balanced independent media, it can be more difficult for a single media entity to have a significant influence on an election.

A company that is not a subsidiary, but where the group's investment is substantial and long-term and the group can exercise a significant influence over the company. Associate status is usually assumed for stakes of 20-50%.

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits. Much of this book was originally written in the 1950's but nevertheless much of it is still valid today. Philip Fisher is said to have had a significant influence on Warren Buffett.

Typically, the Board consists of top management executives (inside directors) and repre­sentatives external to the company (outside directors). The Board has significant influence over accounting and financial policies of the business entity.

because of market conditions that have been judged by exchange officials to warrant such a delay. Typical reasons for a delay include an imbalance of buyers and sellers, and pending corporate news that may be expected to have a significant influence ...

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