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An approach to corporate management that emphasises as much disclosure of information as possible to regulators and stakeholders. The concept can also be applied to governments and international organisations.

Visibility and clarity of laws, regulations, and procedures. Some of the codes of conduct negotiated during the Tokyo Round sought to increase the transparency of non-tariff barriers that impede trade.

TRANSPARENCY OF HOLDINGS: Since the most popular ETFs and Index mutual funds track an index, you usually know exactly what's inside it or what the Fund holdings are. However, unlike actively managed mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds also report on what they're holding on a daily basis.

The extent to which laws, regulations, agreements, and practices affecting international trade are open, clear, measurable, and verifiable.
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A buzz word for the idea that the more INFORMATION is disclosed about an economic activity the better.

~ - I loved the fact that Prosper's site had all the data - good or bad - and it was easy to find. I like that they clearly point out the risks with respect to defaults.

Openness, honesty, and accountability in public and private transactions. The term "~" is frequently used to mean openness in the working of institutions. It is linked to a variety of demands for broader public access to information.

~ - The observed degree of clarity, openness, measurability, and verifiability in a law, regulation, agreement, or trade practice.

After its governing council meetings the ECB issues a statement on the outcome of its discussions.

~ is a measure of how much information you have about the markets where you invest, the corporations whose stocks or bonds you buy, or the mutual funds or other investments you select.

~ - (1) Principle that was adopted in the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) which said that governments must make their trading rules, regulations, and practices open and accessible both to the public and also to other governments.

As private, lightly regulated entities, hedge funds are not obliged to disclose their activities to third parties. This is in contrast to a regulated mutual fund (or unit trust), which will typically have to meet regulatory requirements for disclosure.

[edit] ~
The sharing of information across the enterprise through via social networking creates a ~ that may or may not necessarily be welcomed by all sectors of the organization.
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Greater ~ and disclosure by both public and private national financial institutions is called for so that depositors and investors are less likely to operate in blissful ignorance of negative developments, only to be jolted by unpleasant revelations when they become impossible to hide.

~ - Refers to the presentation or announcement of positions. In portfolio and risk management it focuses on positions and the associated risk profiles.

A positive, colour photographic image on clear film.
Unaided recall
A research method in which a respondent is given no assistance in answering questions regarding a specific advertisement ...

See ~ International's comments on this aspect of the UNCAC.
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Lack of ~ of the underlying assets and markets and how swap counterparties replicate the ETF index and complexity of structures would make risk assessment difficult. No investor monitoring. Notions that ETF markets are liquid (even when collateral pledged may be illiquid) ...

Groups such as ~ International (TI) have worked since 1991 to secure more ~ and accountability in international business transactions involving governments. The OECD convention marks a major step in this direction.

FISCAL ~ -- "Looking through" an entity and attributing profits and losses directly to the entity's members. The profits of certain forms of enterprises are taxed in the hands of the members rather than at the level of the enterprise.

The clarity with which a regulation, policy, or institution can be understood and anticipated. Depends on openness, predictability, and comprehensibility. Lack of ~ can itself be a NTB
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Eurex's welcome ~
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EBA acts as a hub of EU, safeguarding public values related to banking, such as the stability of the financial system, the ~ of markets and financial products and the protection of depositors and investors.

A committee of the BIS which seeks to support central banks in developing appropriate policy recommendations in relation to financial stability, intermediation and ~.
CGS - Commonwealth Government Securities.

It has contributed to generate a parallel hidden banking system with reduced information about the size or origination of credit risks highlighting a lack of ~ in many segments of the international financial system.

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Among others, in order to overcome problems such as the lack of ~ and delays in settlements that have plagued the older exchanges. Additionally, the prohibitive cost of a PUBLIC ISSUE through the conventional route also spurred the development of this alternative forum.

Also known as the Corporate and Auditing Accountability, Responsibility, and ~ Act, or more colloquially as SarbOx or SOX, the law was passed in response to several high-profile corporate scandals involving accounting fraud and corruption in major US corporations.

Sadly, as with much else that happens in the financial sector across the globe, combinations of conflict of interest, extreme 'product' complexity, corporate and personal incentive and greed, together with a lack of sufficient regulation and ~, tend to produce very big outcomes, ...

Electronic trading platforms have transformed the foreign exchanges, bringing greater price competition and price ~. Some of the trading platforms have improved the quote precision for almost all major currency pairs, adding another decimal point. Thus, the rates are now shown in 1/10 pip.

Auditability is dependent upon the company's financial recording practices, the ~ of the company and the forthrightness of the managers who interact with the auditors.

The Government Procurement Code negotiated during the Tokyo Round sought to reduce, if not eliminate, the "Buy National" bias underlying such practices by improving ~ and equity in national procurement practices and by ensuring effective recourse to dispute settlement procedures.

Segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange's Regulated Market where listed companies must meet high ~ requirements (e.g. publish quarterly reports, prepare financial statements in accordance with IFRSs or US GAAP) that go beyond the criteria for the General Standard segment.

The whole FICO process lacks ~, which works in the crdit grantors' interest: They can always - ALWAYS - lower your credit score using a myriad of methods. The CC companies make big money when your score is lower. Doubt me?

Financial regulation and increased ~-due to newspapers and telecommunications-made them less important.

Non-transparent: There is no ~ in the price. It is not easy for a buyer or seller of real estate to identify the last transacted price in the same locality. There is no price discovery mechanism.

Development of risk budgets, risk attribution, risk ~
Style based risk analysis,comparative database, risk budgeting
Evaluating economic capital, creating risk measures, evaluating risk, adjusted returns ...

Practical methods for minimising coordinatorism include consensus decision making, radical ~, rotation of facilitation roles and day-to-day work roles among individuals, and giving the least experienced in coordination skills full encouragement and time to learn these skills.

Securities Act of 1933: Federal legislation enacted to ensure ~ in financial statements so investors can make informed decisions about investments, and as a measure to guard against misrepresentation and fraudulent activities in the securities markets.

Just how close markets come to this benchmark depends on the ~ of information, the effectiveness of regulation, and the likelihood that rational arbitragers will drive out noise traders.

21, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Nine groups today urged the FINRA Dispute Resolution Task Force to improve the ~ of mandatory arbitration for investors by releasing a wide range of data not now publicly available.

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection ActA set of federal regulations passed in 2010 with the intention of preventing a recurrence of the events that caused the 2008 financial crisis by creating financial regulatory processes that enforce ~ and accountability while ...

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economic success. The U.S. has the world's most sophisticated stock market and financial sector. The ~ of our stock market allows investors to gain up-to-date information about every aspect of companies in which they might invest.

System employed mainly within the retail sector for calculating the profit from any givenproduct in any given position within the supply chain, requiring ~ andmanagement of all logistic costs.
Direct Route
The shortest operated route between two points.

The soft commission is very often given in a form that clearly helps provides investors a better service (e.g. research, financial data etc.). The problem is the lack of ~.

An exchange, or market, is a physical location or an electronic system in which securities are traded in an orderly, regulated way that is fair to all parties and which provides price ~ and speedy dissemination of all available price information.

Additionally, a CFO is charged with insuring financial ~ with respect to both the shareholders and regulatory boards, such as the SEC. In many corporations a CFO is routinely referred to as senior vice president.

Costs of research and of investing directly in the individual securities are spread over a large corpus and thousands of investors.
High degree of ~ in the operation of a mutual fund.
Choice of schemes to suit your needs.

are quite common in the securities markets, and the Order Handling Rules did not stipulate that all market participants had to display their ECN orders to the public. Soon enough, many institutional orders and non-market maker orders were not available to the public, impairing price ~.

compensation, counterpurchase, offset requirements, swap, switch, evidence or clearing accounts. As a means of payment, countertrade is not encouraged by international and multinational financial institutions as the price setting mechanisms underlying such transactions frequently lack ~.

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