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INCORPORATION -- The process by which a company receives a government charter allowing it to operate as a corporation.
INDEMNIFICATION -- Amount of money received by persons or entities as compensation for damages or for losses incurred.
INDEPENDENT AGENT -- See: Agency ...

Internet users have an implied license to copy the information for the purpose of viewing it on their computer screens. But this implied license applies only to a single user and a one-time use.

In cartography, geography, nuclear magnetic resonance and technical drawing it is often used to refer to a single specific reference datum from which distances to all other data are measured. Any measurement or result is a datum, but data point is more common,[1] albeit tautological.

Without this specific knowledge the business might find itself subsidising loss making departments or machines without knowing it. In other words the loss made by a particular cost unit is compensated for by the profits of other units.

commence whipping it around firmly and closely, occasionally pressing the turns to keep them even; continue this operation until you get within three or four turns of the finishing point; in order to fasten firmly - give three loose turns, then insert the end of your silk under them, and drawing it ...

The final component of fair market value that buyers can exploit is knowing it can only exist when buyers and sellers are both adequately informed of the relevant facts.

Following it across to the vertical axis shows the approximate expected profit the imagined trader might have been examining if planning this trade on October 2. The following table, also generated by OptionsOracle, pinpoints the theoretical profit for this 10-contract position at $135.67 or 22.

A financing technique used by large companies to borrow money without showing it on their balance sheets. The funds borrowed by the company are used to buy government securities and the income from such securities is used to meet the servicing costs of borrowing.

For example, showing land at its original cost of $10,000 (when it was purchased 50 years ago) is considered to be more reliable, verifiable, and objective than showing it at its current market value of $250,000.

Conversion Clause: a provision in some ARMs allowing it to change to a fixed-rate loan at some point during the term. Usually conversions are allowed at the end of the first adjustment period.

Your broker might have access to your money without you knowing it. They might even have custody without being aware of it themselves. They might even have custody of your money even though your funds are deposited with a third party custodian. How?

However they have fallen under criticism due to their ties to the United States government, allowing it to borrow money at rates of interest below what other financial institutions can traditionally gain access to.

Until recently, if a policyowner opted out of a policy by surrendering the policy or allowing it to lapse, the additional value was relinquished back to the issuing life insurance company.

Holding companies often own controlling interest in several diverse corporations, allowing it to engage in diverse activities (some of which might be risky) while limiting its liability should problems arise.

The cylinder is immersed in the bath, allowing it to fill with mercury. While keeping the open end immersed, the cylinder is held vertically, with the sealed end about 950 centimeters above the surface of the mercury. A column of mercury is suspended within the cylinder.

Policymakers typically recognize this sustainability problem, but often try to 'solve' it by extending taxation to new services rather than withdrawing it from old ones. Indeed, 'reform' in this area has often resulted in increases rather than reductions in tax burdens.

Process by which a company receives its Articles of Incorporation allowing it to operate as a corporation.
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A provision takes into account an expected expense, showing it as a liability on the balance sheet. A company will create a provision in the current period when the likely liability becomes apparent, thus reducing the reported profit.

Surely, if the government got into lending money instead of borrowing it, the public sector could create wealth, too I'm certain all kinds of experts will tell me why, but I cannot for the life of me understand why the private sector has all the...

Wealth managers learn to wing it
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"Holding anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."
-- The Buddha
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As the prospect of retirement looms, protecting your wealth becomes more important than growing it. Investors must, therefore, grapple with the following three elements: ...

The owner's name and contact information is recorded and kept on file with the company, allowing it to pay the bond's coupon payment to the appropriate person. If the bond is in physical form, the owner's name is printed on the certificate.

rollover: A method of avoiding the substantial tax bite of a lump sum retirement plan payment, allowing it to be rolled over into an individual retirement account, another retirement plan, or similar vehicle to continue its deferred tax status.

Any time i go to any store and use my credit card, i always have my ID ready, just in case they ask me for it. I don't see what the problem people have with showing their ID and fight with you over showing it.
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Anon, above, is dead 180 degrees wrong. Absolutely wrong.

If you do carry on working past the state pensionable age, you will no longer be required to pay National Insurance contributions. Delaying taking state pension means that when you do start drawing it, your pension will benefit from an "uplift" as a result.

A Chart represents an asset's historical price changes over a graphic model. Charts are usually plotted using lines or bars depending on the preference of the person viewing it.

Let the money compound for later in life. You have to ask yourself what you would be doing with the money if you didn't have a mortage payment. Would you be investing it or blowing it? If your gonna blow it then its better off too put money in the 401 or IRA.

Just remember, when nothing is created there must be a loser for every winner. The loser in this case has been the average American. Without even knowing it, the middle class has had its prosperity and freedom siphoned away to support the financial establishment.

company stocks. When you compare it to the Russell 2000, you're comparing it to the world of small-company stocks. When you compare it to the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000, you're viewing it against the field of all listed U.S. stocks.

To allow a stock of capital to become smaller over time, either by selling parts of it or by allowing it to depreciate without replacing it.
2. To reduce inventories, either absolutely or by more than any increase in plant and equipment.

For example, making multiple (under US$10,000) deposits in banks and withdrawing it in overseas countries. Mid cap A stock with a capitalization usually between $1 billion and $5 billion. Mid-cap SPDRsThis is the same as a SPDR except the indexit tracks is Standard&Poor's Mid-cap 400.

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