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[edit] Personal characteristics
Career development professionals need the following characteristics: ...

High level of dedication to his work.
Strong personal values of honesty and integrity.

Depending on the job, social scientists may need a wide range of personal characteristics. You need intellectual curiosity and creativity, because you're constantly seeking new information about people, things, and ideas.

A thorough self-assessment can reveal many of your personal characteristics and help define your strengths and weaknesses.

To summarize, faculty members’ definitions tended to focus primarily on external markers of success rather than on personal characteristics of graduate students.

Before I get to some differences that I have brainstormed, I have to admit one of my personal characteristics. As a trained computer programmer I tend to try and figure out how to create a process that can be duplicated.

Adaptive or Self-Management Skills -- Personal characteristics such as accuracy, honesty, reliability, degree of completeness, discipline, and self-motivation.
Candidates; Go Beyond the Canned Response ...

You will be asked approximately 15 questions about your personal characteristics, likes and dislikes, abilities and educational goals.

Some of these competencies may be particular skills, while others may be personal characteristics.
Drawing on the "catalog of successes" you've created, summarize your previous experiences that demonstrate those competencies.

One or more professional or appropriate personal characteristics
A sentence describing professional objective or interest.

If an applicant meets the educational requirements, appears to have the experience and personal characteristics, and responds as expected to traditional interview questions, this candidate is judged qualified for the position.

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Career  People skills  Personal contact

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