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Your Very Best Personal Contacts

Ironically, your very best network contacts are sitting there with you every day, in class, at lunch, even in the library.

Personal Contacts
Friends, acquaintances, neighbors, relatives, church members, classmates, teachers, club members.
Professional Contacts
Employers, supervisors, colleagues, subordinates, clients, customers, fellow association members.

Include personal contact information, including email address and phone number, so your co-workers can stay in touch.
Review these sample farewell letters to get an idea of how to say goodbye when you're not sure what to write.

Follow Up Letter to Personal Contact
Follow-up letter sample from a student seeking future internship, after an informal meeting with a company representative. Provided by Virginia Tech.

Hiring Managers Sometimes List Personal Contact Information
Very often, hiring managers don't post their direct contact information on larger job boards because they don't want to be bombarded with calls and e-mails.

Executive search agents/professionals who typically have a wide range of personal contacts within the area in question, a detailed specific knowledge of said area, and typically operate at the most senior level.

Think carefully about your own personal contacts. Do you know someone who has information or influence? Someone who can help? Someone who might want to interview the candidate? Can you provide a personal introduction?

The outcome of our insular behavior is that we shut off personal contact with others. Our focus is on our bottom line and what we can do to attain it.

When posting your resume in an open place where millions of people may see it, limit the personal contact information (location, phone numbers, email address) on your resume. ...

Start with personal contacts: neighbors, friends, schoolmates, relatives. Don't forget people like your doctor, dentist, lawyer, hairdresser and dry cleaner. They know everyone! ...

News articles, corporate web sites, press releases and personal contacts can lead you to the people you really want to talk to at your target company.

The focus is on matching your qualifications to the perceived needs of the employer based on labor market research. This strategy requires that a phone or personal contact with the employer either precede or follow the sending of the resume and ...

Often these agencies have the inside scoop to many seasonal- help positions because they have been supplying talent to these companies for many years. Also, take the extra step to make personal contact with a recruiter at the firm.

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Career  Personal characteristics  Personal information

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