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Practical experience

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An internship is practical experience acquired with the intention to inform one's decision making around career development, gain marketable skills, and network with people in a particular field.

As with any other graduate program, practical experience plays a key role in your role as an education administrator. Internships and fieldwork may play key roles in your educational administration program. You may be asked to monitor or work with a small group of students in a classroom setting.

Ten years as a preschool teacher; gained invaluable practical experience, clear vision of child development and effective/creative methods with which to comfort children, build their self-esteem, inspire creativity and motivate learning.
Core competencies include, ...

College students have many opportunities to gain practical experience. Some of them are highly visible, others are not so. Internships are, of course, a highly visible opportunity available to students, and they are common in many companies and organizations.

Since 1999, ENQA has supplied information about proven practical experiences as well as the newest approaches and discussions in the field of quality assessment and quality assurance.

According to GIAC's website, candidates can gain the knowledge required for this certification through ~, or by reading books about computer information security. They can also opt for training from the SANS Institute or other relevant courses.
Taking the Exam: ...

Although it is unnecessary, most people who take these certificate courses generally have some college, university or ~ in the computer or networking field. However, if you have grown up with a knack for computers, you could skip the college and pursue the certificate right away.

Externships are experiential learning opportunities, similar to internships, offered by educational institutions to give students short ~s in their field of study. In medicine it may refer to a visiting physician who is not part of the regular staff.

F-1 students may qualify for Optional Practical Training (OPT). This allows you to engage in temporary off-campus employment to gain ~ in your field of study.

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