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Technical Skills for Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews
By Alison Doyle
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Technical Skills
If the position you are applying for requires strong technical skills then you should insert this section immediately after the career summary.
A suggested format is: ...

Technical Skills
Excellent hands-on technical abilities.
Uses analytical skills to determine source of mechanical issues and other problems in vehicles, and suggest repair resolution.
Extensive experience with transmissions and problems related to it.
Effective communication skills.

Technical skills and professional development
Special skills and volunteering
The last section is comprised of a list of your skills and volunteer experience.

Technical skills. During their college degree programs, software engineering majors should develop strong technical abilities through repeated exposure to a variety of new and traditional technologies.

Popular Technical Skills
Salary Calculators
Highest Paying Certifications
Entry Level Job Searching ...

Technical skills. Computer or other technical skills you're proficient in and would like to use in your next position.
Other information. Professional associations, service awards, publications or presentations, relevant hobbies or volunteer activities.

How have your technical skills been an asset?
Describe how you've used technical skills to solve a problem. Tell a specific story. Demonstrate how these same skills have been useful in other situations or in most of the jobs you've held.

In addition to the technical skills you will acquire while earning a Bachelor's of Fine Arts (BFA) degree, you will also strengthen your critical reasoning, problem solving, time management, communication and presentation skills.

How do you compare your technical skills to your management skills?
How has your technical ability been important in getting results?
How would you handle a situation with tight deadlines, low employee morale and inadequate resources?
Are you satisfied with your career to date?

With regard to her technical skills, one of the attractions for me about California Healthcare was the way in which HR systems and programs worked to support the staff so that we could focus on our core business.

In addition to strong technical skills, those entering the field will need a bachelor?s degree in computer engineering or computer science. Engineers hoping to move up the ladder will need robust programming and systems analysis skills as well as improved interpersonal and business skills.

Effective: My previous manager had excellent technical skills and was very agreeable as a colleague. I would have liked more support from her at times, but her hands-off style meant that I had to become resourceful in problem solving and negotiating with colleagues.

Selected pieces should demonstrate industry-standard software and technical skills.
Example: A Graphic Design portfolio should demonstrate Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, effective typeface selection, and understanding of visual hierarchy.
Formats ...

make an effective transition to liaison positions to replace off shored technical positions, or if companies prefer those with "natural" social and diplomatic abilities over converted technicians. In other words, it may be that companies would rather have candidates with mediocre technical skills ...

Technical Job Titles:
Creating Your Technical Resume
From Edmunds Community College: guidelines and examples of technical skills sections of resumes.
A Guide to Effective Resume Writing
From the publishers of Contract Employment Weekly. Includes a section on formatting an electronic resume.

Engineer resume has a very simple format. The keys for writing an effective engineering resume are to properly emphasize the candidate's technical skills and to keep in mind the prospective employers' requirements. Tips on how to write engineers resume, engineer resumes samples and much more.

Develop your verbal communications skills. Having great management or technical skills and a strong record of accomplishment is not helpful if you can't verbally convey you successes.

CT Technologist: Blend of patient care, technical skills a satisfying challenge ...

or demonstration of excellent capability would include a very positive result in which the customer's satisfaction and loyalty was increased to a higher level than before the complaint or request (which is actually more easy to achieve than most people imagine). To show excellent technical skills in ...

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