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Angora Cat

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Turkish Angora Cat
History of Turkish Angora Cats
The Turkish Angora Cats have descended from the African wildcats. Traders from Egypt brought cats into Eastern Anatolia, where through natural selection and inbreeding, the Turkish Angora was developed along with the Turkish Van.

Turkish Angora Cat Breed
Turkish Angoras
The Turkish Angora is one of the oldest longhaired breeds and in its home country of Turkey efforts are being made to preserve its bloodlines. This is a pure natural breed of cat. They are still highly regard in their homeland.

Turkish Angora Cat Breed Standards
Head Shape: The head should be small to medium in size proportion to the body. The forehead is long and smooth, chin firm and rounded, high cheekbones. The ears are wide, tall, pointed and with tufts desirable. The eyes are almond shaped,slanted and very large.

Turkish Angora Cat Breed Information
Learn all about Turkish Angora Cats, read about the Turkish Angora Breed information, find out about the Turkish Angora Breed Standard, Turkish Angora behavior and lots more about Turkish Angoras.
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Turkish Angora Cat Breed
One of the most outgoing and affectionate of all cat breeds, the rare and beautiful Turkish Angora has a fascinating history and is considered a national treasure in its native land. Many Turkish Angora owners in the United Stated consider their cats a treasure as well! ...

Turkish ~ - Breed Profile
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Turkish ~ Clubs/Associations
CFA Turkish Angora Breed Council (CFA)
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~ Fact File
Coat Type, Color & Grooming: Once bred only for its white coat, the Turkish Angora now includes several different varieties of coloring:
Solid colors: Include black, blue, cream, and orange.
Bi-color: Predominantly white with patches of one other color.

~s in Turkey could be seen in a variety of colors, and each had its own descriptive name. Today, the Turkish Angora is recognized in a variety of colors, patterns and shades.

Turkish ~s for Sale
Turkish ~ breed
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Jinx, the Turkish ~ at 4 years old. "I believe that they are not very good with younger children. ( from personal experience.)"
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Brief History: Like all domestic cats, Turkish ~s descended from the African wildcat. Traders from Egypt brought cats to the mountainous regions of Eastern Anatolia where they became isolated.

Turkish ~ Breed
Discover the Turkish Angora
The Turkish Angora, originally known simply as the Angora, has been called the ballerina of the cat fancy.

Turkish ~s
Turkish Angoras are friendly, intelligent, active cats who enjoy interacting with their human family as well as with other cats. Unlike most cats, many members of this breed love to swim and are drawn to water.
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Turkish ~: A breed of cat with a medium-long, silk coat.
Turkish Van Cat: A breed of bicolor cat with a dense, medium-long coat that is white with red patches.
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~s are identifiable by certain physical traits. If you want to buy an ~ breed and want it to be a purebred, you need to understand the identifying traits to make sure you are getting a real ~.

~ by J B Huet, 1808 "Collection des Mammiferes de Museum d'Histoire Naturelle" (Paris)
Weir's idealised longhair, 1889 ...

Turkish ~s have long, silky coats and elegant, sinuous bodies. Though it is known for a shimmery white coat, Turkish ~s can display a variety of colors.

Turkish ~s are the ideal pets for cat lovers. This article provides some more facts about this graceful and intelligent animal.
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Turkish ~ PROFILE
The long coat of the Angora is like no other coat, with a sensuously silky, luxurious texture. Angoras are a fine-boned felines, and surpass many other breeds when it comes to playfulness and affection.

Turkish ~s, The Cats That Love To Play.
Turkish ~s adore people and go to great lengths to gain attention, and are not slow in giving affection in return.

There is a legend that says the Maine Coon is desdenced from Marie Antoinette’s ~s, smuggled into America by Captain Clough in attempt to save the queen’s belongings and later the Queen herself. Marie Antoinette’s ~s were interbred with the shorthaired domestics.

Numerous color photos courtesy of The ~ Association, Turkey
Perhaps because only white cats were used in the Breeding program of the Ankara Zoo, this color predominates in the breed today. However, there are recessive genes to other colors that can arrive in litters from time to time.

We only know that this breed was formed on the basis of population ~s that lived in Turkey since the beginning of the XV century. The name of the breed is given in honor of the capital of Turkey, Ankara (formerly Angora).

Munk was the son of an ~ and a Russian Blue. There were two other curly brothers in the litter, but they were castrated early. Munk spread his genes plentifully through the town's beautiful lady cats, but for his owner his value was as himself, not for his curly coat.

Balinese are not natural breed cats, but are believed to be a spontaneous mutation of the Siamese, or perhaps the result of previous breeding between Siamese and ~s.

In the early 1900s the government of Turkey in conjunction with the Ankara Zoo began a meticulous breeding program to protect and preserve the pure white ~s with blue and amber eyes, a program that continues today.

Turkish Angora Kittens For Sale
Turkish ~s For Sale
Turkish ~s up For Stud
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Although they appeared in quite substantial numbers in cat shows at the end of the nineteenth century, they lost popularity in favour of Persian and ~s, specially imported for showing.

However, wanting to preserve Turkey's "national treasure" the Ankara zoo established a breeding programme to save the breed from extinction. They collected specimens of Turkish ~s and concentrated on breeding white cats with odd eyes, blue or amber.

In Harrison Weir's 1889 book Our Cats and All About Them, he writes, "The ~, as its name indicates, comes from Angora, in Western Asia, a province that is also celebrated for its goats with long hair.

The Turkish people placed a high value on their white-coated, blue-eyed and odd-eyed cats, so the government, along with the Ankara Zoo, began a careful breeding program to protect and preserve the pure white ~s with blue and amber eyes; a program which has continued.

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