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Brindled hairs
White, lighter or darker coloured hairs in Self (solid) cats or in the coloured areas of a coat pattern.
For example: white or light coloured, but also dark coloured hairs in red/cream cats, single white or light coloured ...

d - A tortie with intermingled colours - See Tortie.
Brindling - Coat colour which is a mix of black & orange, or blue & cream (dilute).
Brush - A term for a cats tail, usually reserved for long haired cats.

In colour it is a brindled tortoiseshell. It is eight years old. At the end of this description I also give a portrait of one of its kittens, a tabby; both are true Manx, and neither have a particle of tail, ...

Tortie, short for tortoiseshell, cats have coats in various d combinations of black, brown, amber, cinnamon, red and chocolate patches. These patches vary from specks to large swaths. Dilute torties also have lilac- or cream-colored areas.

Bengal cat is very similar to the Asian leopard cat. Spots are dark brown or black and should not look like the vertical stripes on the brindle-striped cat which is a hidden pattern of most spotted striped cats.

For example, a Siamese cat may have White Hairs scattered among the colored hairs of its mask, and it is then said to have a d face. Brindling is usually a temporary condition and is corrected at the next moult.

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Cat  Breed-suitable  Brindling

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