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Brindled hairs
White, lighter or darker coloured hairs in Self (solid) cats or in the coloured areas of a coat pattern.
For example: white or light coloured, but also dark coloured hairs in red/cream cats, single white or light coloured ...

Brindled - A tortie with intermingled colours - See Tortie.
Brindling - Coat colour which is a mix of black & orange, or blue & cream (dilute).
Brush - A term for a cats tail, usually reserved for long haired cats.

In colour it is a brindled tortoiseshell. It is eight years old. At the end of this description I also give a portrait of one of its kittens, a tabby; both are true Manx, and neither have a particle of tail, ...

Tortie, short for tortoiseshell, cats have coats in various brindled combinations of black, brown, amber, cinnamon, red and chocolate patches. These patches vary from specks to large swaths. Dilute torties also have lilac- or cream-colored areas.

Bengal cat is very similar to the Asian leopard cat. Spots are dark brown or black and should not look like the vertical stripes on the brindle-striped cat which is a hidden pattern of most spotted striped cats.

For example, a Siamese cat may have White Hairs scattered among the colored hairs of its mask, and it is then said to have a Brindled face. Brindling is usually a temporary condition and is corrected at the next moult.

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Cat  Breed-suitable  Brindling

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