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Dew Claw
The first digit found on the inside of the leg above the front paws.
Diabetes ...

- The first digit found on the inside of the leg above the front paws.
Dicephalus - Congenital malformation resulting in the development of two heads.
Digitigrade - Walking on tip toes, as seen in cats.

Cats naturally have dew claws on their front feet, but rear dew claws are considered to be an example of polydactylism. It is very rare for polydactylism to affect both the front and hind paws.

The Pd gene (dominant with incomplete penetrance) causes the benign, pre-axial form of polydactyly where one or more extra toes occur near the . Often, the is converted into a thumb.

(4 plus a dew claw) and 4 on each back paw. Cats with the polydactyl mutation can have between 5 and 7 toes on their front paws and between 4 and 7 on their rear paws.
Where do Polydactyls come from?

The front feet have white toes to as high as the and the back feet are white from one-fourth inch above the toes to as high as one-fourth inch above the hock joint at its point.

White going passed the dew claws in front or the hocks in back is not desireable.
Overall Appearance: This should be a full-bodied, full-coated large size cat with a regal presence. Well-pointed color and four white paws with blue eyes all required.

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Cat  Devonshire Rex  Diabetes

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