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Parti-Color: A coat of two or more distinct colors.
Pathogen: An agent that causes disease, especially a living microorganism such as a bacterium or fungus.

Parti-Color - A cat with a coat of more than one distinctive color. (eg., Bi-Color) ...

Parti-color: A color division for cats at cat shows that usually includes bi- colors, tortoiseshells and tortie and whites.

[edit] Parti-Color
A parti-color is essentially a patches of red/cream. patches may be well defined blotches of color to merled.
[edit] Tabby Pattern ...

PARTI-COLOR: Tortie; Chinchilla Shaded Tortie; Shaded Tortie; Dilute Chinchilla Shaded Tortie; Dilute Shaded Tortie; Blue-Cream.
BI-COLOR: Bi-color; Van Bi-color; Calico; Dilute Calico; Van Calico.

PARTI-COLORS - Cats which exhibit the white spotting factor, regardless of the amount of white (except for lockets) or the basic background color.
PEDIGREE - A chart showing the ancestral history of a particular cat.

Parti-color: term encompassing bicolors, tortoiseshells, and tortie & whites
Receptor - nerve ending that receives information through the sense organs and transmits it to the brain ...

They can be found in solid colors (white, red, chocolate, cream, ebony, blue, lavender, cinnamon, or fawn), smoke (white undercoat to any of the above except white), shaded (only the hair tips colored), parti-color (red or cream splashes on any of ...

The third and last color class, parti-color (tortie) point, added four more varieties; the pointed areas are decorated with one of the four traditional Siamese colors-seal, chocolate, blue or lilac-randomly mottled with red and/or cream.

Recognized Colors: Tortie or cream parti-color points only come in females. Color descriptions start with the primary Siamese color and add the mottling of red or cream.

Oriental Shorthairs can be found in solid colors (white, red, cream, ebony, blue, chestnut, lavender, cinnamon, or fawn), smoke (silver undercoat to any of the above except white), shaded (only the hair tips colored), parti-color (red or cream ...

Red, cream, lynx and parti-color points are registered as Balinese in some associations, and as Javanese in others.
Good w/ Children:
Wondeful with children.
Good w/ Other Pets:
Wondeful with other pets.
Personality: ...

parti-color and red. The Smoke color cats are blue. red. chestnut. cinnamon. cream. ebony. fawn and lavender. The tabby pattern cats are classic. mackerel. spotted. ticked and patched. The tabby cats are blue. blue silver. cream. cream silver.

Calico and parti-color are most common and desirable. The coat is short and sleek, but some organizations permit a longer coat as well. Both are silky to the touch. Shedding is average and regular grooming is desired but not required.

Black and white bicolor cats have also been known as piebald, pied, parti-colored and even magpie cats, although these expressions are not much used nowadays. Jellicle cat is another term, made popular by T.S. Elliot, that is often applied to tuxedos.

Coat colors include: black, red, cream-blue, cream and parti-color. The eyes are a brilliant copper color.
All the female Tortoiseshell cats are known as excellent mothers and companions. ...

Cat-competition organizers divide Persians into seven categories: silver/golden, solids, tabby, smoke/shaded, Himalayan, bicolor and parti-color. Persians should be groomed daily.

Chocolate Point
Seal Point
Lilac Point
Blue Point
Other Solid Point (Red, Cream)
Parti-Color Point (Seal-Tortie, Blue-Cream, Chocolate-Tortie, Lilac-Cream)
Seal Lynx Point
Chocolate Lynx Point
Blue Lynx Point
Other Lynx Points ...

Persians come in a large variety of colors and patterns, including solid, silver, golden, shaded, smoke, tabby, parti-color, bicolor and Himalayan.
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Persian Personality Chart ...

Elegant and finely-boned
Soft, silky coat
Comes in a wide array of colors in the solid, shaded, smoke, tabby, bi-color and parti-color patterns
Temperament ...

The American Shortair cat's body is medium to large, solid, muscular and powerful; a real "cat's cat." His coat is short, dense and thick, in a myriad of colors, in tabby, parti-color and bi-color patterns.

In both varieties, the undercoat is minimal. This breed is accepted in all color patterns. The color groups include the following: Solid, Smoke, Tabby, Parti-Color, Bi-Color, Tabby and White, and Shaded, Silver, and Golden.

beautiful coat, but it usually doesn’t mat and requires only weekly combing.
The Maine Coon coat comes in an amazing variety of colors and patterns, including a wide range of solids, tortoiseshell, tabbies, tabby with white, and parti-color ...

They occur commonly, in most solids, tabbies, smokes and parti-colors. White is still the most popular color, though this is rapidly changing, as more and more breeders realize the beauty of this elegant breed in a variety of exciting shades.

cream, red, smoke and silver solid-color points; lynx (tabby) points in blue, blue-cream, chocolate, chocolate-tortie, cinnamon, cinnamon-tortie, cream, fawn, fawn-cream, lilac, lilac-cream, red, seal, seal-tortie, smoke and silver; and parti-color ...

The coat is short, thick, even and hard in texture and comes in a myriad of colors, in tabby, parti-color and bi-color patterns, although the most well-known colour today is the silver tabby, ...

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