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Patched tabby

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Patched Tabby
The patched tabby is almost always a female. While these cats can display any of the four distinct tabby cat patterns, they also have red or cream patches on the body, head, tail and legs. They are commonly known as tortoiseshell tabbies or "torbies.

Patched tabby
In some organizations tortie tabby (frequently tortie blotched and tortie mackerel together) is called patched tabby.
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Patched tabby: Cats that are any of the tabby patterns (classic, mackerel, ticked or spotted) with patches of red coloring.
Pathogen: Organism that is capable of causing a disease.

Brown Patched Tabby with White Siberian cat.
Two Siberian brown mackerel tabby kittens.
Red Siberian cat, showing the characteristic round-shaped head.

Silver Patched Tabby - Coloured markings on silvered ground colour interspersed with patches or red and/or cream (or other tortie combinations).
Golden Patched Tabby - Coloured markings on golden ground colour interspersed with patches or red and/or cream (or other tortie combinations).

A torbie, or patched tabby, is a tortoiseshell where the tabby pattern is very distinct all over the cat. A calico or tortoiseshell may have distinct tabby pattern on the red or cream patches (has to do with another gene we won't get into at this juncture), but no patterning on the other color.

Known as a cat of many colors, the American Shorthair comes in over eighty different colors and patterns ranging from the striking brown patched tabby to the glistening blue-eyed white, the beautiful shaded cameo to the flashy calico van, and many colors in between.

TABBY AND WHITE: Silver Tabby and White; Silver Patched Tabby and White; Cameo Tabby and White; Brown Tabby and White; Brown Patched Tabby and White; Blue Tabby and White; Blue Patched Tabby and White; Red Tabby and White; Cream Tabby and White; Van Blue-Cream and White.

The American Shorthair is recognized in more than eighty different colors and patterns ranging from the brown-patched tabby to the blue-eyed white, the shaded silvers, smokes and cameos to the calico van, and many colors in between.

Famous for red markings, the Turkish Van can sport any championship color: red and white, cream and white, black and white, blue and white, brown-patched tabby and white, blue-patched tabby and white, tortoiseshell and white, dilute tortoiseshell and white, brown tabby and white, ...

Solid black, white, blue, red and cream, bicolor in red and white, black and white, cream and white, brown tabby and white, red tabby and white, brown patched tabby and white, golden patched tabby and white. Shaded in black, blue, silver, cameo, tortoiseshell.

Tabby Tortoiseshell: a tortoiseshell with tabby rather than self (solid) black patching; also called patched tabby or torbie
Tapetum lucidum: the mirror-like layer at the back of a cat's eye that produces the characteristic shine.
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and patched. The patched tabby cats are brown. blue and silver. The classic or mackerel tabby cats come in silver. red. brown. blue and cream. These cats also come in tortoiseshell. calico. dilute calico. blue-cream and bi-color.

The breed sports four color classes: solid, tabby, tabby with white and parti-color. Patterns include the classic tabby, the mackerel tabby and the patched tabby. The Maine Coon is the second most popular breed in America and has earned the nickname, "The Gentle Giant." ...

Tortie: A combination of the Tortoiseshell and the Tabby pattern that is also known by the name "Patched Tabby".

tortoiseshell turned tabby where as the black patches will be tabbied forming a continuous pattern with the red patches (tabby pattern). To determine if a cat is a tortie or torbie: tortie = eumelanistic patches will be solid; torbie = eumelanistic patches will be tabbied. Also called Patched Tabby ...

The hair is coarser on the head, flanks, and base of the tail, but is soft on the underbelly and chin. The coat can have any color form that the American Shorthair has, except for patched tabby.

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