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Pinna: The ear flap.
Pixie-Bob Cat: A hybrid offspring of a domestic cat and a bobcat, believed not to be the result of deliberate breeding but rather fathered by wild Bobcats.

Pinna - ear flap
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Neuter (alter): A castrated male, outside the USA can include a spayed female ...

Ear flaps
Many common house and garden plants are poisonous to cats. Care should be taken to avoid allowing access to such plants. It is normal for cats to eat grass and this can be encouraged in indoor cats by providing trays of grass.
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[6] When listening for something, a cat's ears will swivel in that direction; a cat's ear flaps (pinnae) can independently point backwards as well as forwards and sideways to pinpoint the source of the sound.

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Cat  Pinking up  Pixie Bob

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