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PUG NOSE - Snub nose, an upturned nose.
QUEEN - A mother cat.
RECESSIVE - An adjective applied to that member of a pair of genes which fails to express itself in the presence of its dominant allele.

We rescued a pug from our local pound on 11/08/08. He is 2 years 7 months and 29 days old. He is adorable and an answered prayer for our son who is twelve.

There should be a visible "stop" between forehead and nose, but no pug or snubbed quality. The chin should be firm with a proper scissor bite and full dentition. The ears are medium in size and set well apart.

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Like the Extreme Persian, it has a pushed in nose, like a pug dog. Bulbus eyes protrude outward from the eye sockets and shortened tear ducts drain and stain the face constantly. Sniffling is nearly constant.

Toy dogs breeds are small in size and bred for city living. Breeds within this grouping include the Chihuahua, Papillon, pug, Shih Tzu and silky terrier.
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It has markedly full cheeks and a short muzzle, sometimes called "pug-like". In the British type, both the American Burmese's "cobbiness" and the obvious Siamese influence long seen in the breed are today considered grave, even disqualifying faults.

She loves to shut doors and chase anything that moves, especially if it crinkles or rings and adores mimicking the dog, my mother's pug Baron.

common in certain terriers such as the Scottish, West Highland White, Cairn, and Wire Haired Fox; Lhasa Apsos; and larger breeds such as the English and Irish Setters, Retrievers, and the Dalmatian. Allergies are also well documented in the Pug, ...

A pear shaped face with limited nose break usually is associated with traditional Burmese, while contemporary cats have a more rounded face and short pug like nose.

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Cat  Puberty  Purebred

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