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Ruff: Thick, longer hair growing around the neck and chest.
Russian Blue Cat: A medium-sized cat with a short, plush blue coat.
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Ruff - The fine hairs around the neck of a longhaired cat, forming a frame for the face. Also called a "Frill".
Rumpy - A completely tail-less Manx cat. A true Manx cat has a well-rounded rump and no detectable tail structure.


Also called frill.
The distinctly more and longer hairs around the neck are called ruff.

Ruff - long hair round the neck
Provisional Recognition
Provisional Recognition - stage in the recognition of a breed where specimens may compete in shows, but not in championship classes ...

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Mature adults will have a ruff and full breeches but this will not be evident in kittens. As in the Abyssinian ticking is most important.

The differences in coat length are most obviously seen on the tail and ruff. On the shorthairs the tail hair is the same length as the coat (approximately 1"-2") and tail curls are plush and lie compactly around the tail.

Coat: The cat comes in a long-haired and semi-longhaied caot, both males and females may have ruff on neck at maturity. The coat should be free of matting so it should not be too thick and heavy. The tail is plumed with some curling.

Longhairs may benefit from an occasional brushing to keep the ruff and leg britches looking good when in full coat.
Best Home:
Active and unafraid of chaos and noise, the Japanese Bobtail makes an ideal cat for a family with busy children.

Males and, to a lesser extent, females, also have a ruff around the neck. Tufts of fur are found behind the ears and in between the toes, and the hind legs sport furry “pantaloons.

Physical Appearance: The Aegean Cat's coat is semi-longhaired, without down hair, with a moderate ruff and a rich tail. The Aegean Cat's coat provides good protection during the harsh winter weather and sheds out short for the summer.

The Somali is a breathtaking cat that resembles a red fox, with its large tufted ears, masked face, large neck ruff and dramatically bushy tail.

The coat of an Aegean Cat is semi-longhaired, without down hair, with a moderate ruff and a rich tail. The Aegean Cat's coat provides good protection during the harsh winter weather and sheds out short for the summer.

Longhairs have slightly shaggy medium-long dense hair, with slightly longer hair on the neck ruff, britches, belly and tail.

A heavy ruff surrounds the head, the coat flows over the body reaching to the floor in top examples of the breed and the tail is a thick flowing plume.

In the winter, the hair is thick and long, with a full ruff at the chest and even full tufts of fur between its toes. In the summer, the hair sheds to leave a short light coat.

Breed Council, calls them the "Chocoholic's Delight" It has a glorious plumed tail, a neck ruff and ear furnishings that accent its striking, medium sized body. In maturity hair in the hind legs forms "petticoats".

Three or more generations removed from their wild ancestors, Desert Lynx cats are bred to resemble their wild cousins as closely as possible, with ear tufts, ruff, coat pattern and size very much like the wild bobcat.

With its fluffy tail and fluffy ruff around the neck, long clawed and large footed, she can climb rocks and trees - being one of the only cats who can come down a tree head first.

The Persian's fur was denser and woollier with a well-developed ruff and the cats were bred with cobbiness and size in mind.

During the cooler months, the ruff is full and the dense woolly undercoat thickens to protect the cat from the cold. In the summer, the coat will be shorter although it will still have a water repellent texture. The tail is long, full and flowing.

The longhair is generally blessed with a curly plumed tail and often exhibits a full, curly ruff. The coat is moderately soft in texture, yet each cat's coat is distinctly unique.

An immense ruff continues in a deep frill between the cat's front legs. Proper maintenance of the coat requires a daily run-through with a metal comb to eliminate the potential drawbacks of tangles and hairballs.

Ideally it should have a ruff and breeches to match the full brush tail. Ticking is not so apparent in the longer hair and is slow to develop.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, powerfully built cat with long hair, a full ruff, tufted ears and a bushy tail. The front legs are slightly shorter than the hind legs. It is a giant among cats, similar in size to the Maine Coon.

There should be an abundant ruff around the neck setting off the large impressive head. There is a tight undercoat, which becomes thicker in colder weather. The coat gives the impression of lacquer and oil when ungroomed.

Bears an uncanny resemblance to a little fox, with its large ears, masked face, full ruff and bushy tail
The Somali has an agouti, or ticked, coat with four to 20 bands of color on each hair
Have bursts of energy several times throughout the day ...

The coat is long, with a full ruff, tufted ears and a bushy tail. The front legs are slightly shorter than the hind legs. The long outer coat is glossy and water-resistant, while the thick undercoat adds protection against the cold.

The Tiffanie's coat is fine and silky. The ruff around the next is thicker than the fur on other parts of the body, and the tail looks like a plume. They are available in the same colors seen in the Burmese and other Asian breeds.
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Mitted - Point coloured mask, ears, tail and legs, with white mittens on the front feet and short white boots on the back feet. White on chin, ruff and stomach.
Bi-Colour - White inverted "V" in the mask, white legs, feet, ruff and stomach.

The show Persian has a round head enhanced with a thick ruff, small ears, a flat nose, big round copper eyes, a broad, short body with heavy boning atop short tree-trunk legs, and a thick, flowing plume of a tail.

Siberian cats have a thick triple coat with a full ruff that gets thicker in the winter months.The coat is a bit oily and very water-resistent, possibly an evolutionary trait that helped it deal with harsh Russian winters.

The ruff should be very full about the neck and continue down in a frill between the legs. The ear tufts should be long and curved and the toe tufts long and full. The tail when brushed out should be especially full.

The Smoke Persian has a long flowing coat and a profuse ruff. "Smokes" are magnificent looking. Colors include (smoked) black, blue, cameo (red), tortoiseshell and blue-cream. The eyes are a brilliant copper.

Large, sleek, with a unique and large ruff of fur around their necks, the Maine Coon can seem like a cross between a wild and a domestic feline. In truth, Maine Coons are delightful companions, with very tractable, almost dog-like, dispositions.

Exotic does not have a long hair, which will hide the ears that are too large, or conversely, too high set on his head, no massive ruff to hide the neck, which is too long and thin, no coat to mask the tall, thin legs or elongated body, ...

The most unique trait of these cats is their thick, soft coat of fur with a ruff around the neck, and a tail that hangs quite low. These cats are a very expensive breed of cat and come in different types.
Persians are Good Show Cats ...

Its rich colour and full, silky semi-long coat, plumed tail, contrasting neck ruff and ear streamers make it distinctive and showy.

The differences in coat length are most apparent on the tail and ruff. The shorthair's coat texture is soft, plushy, full and obviously curly. The coat stands out from the body and should not appear flat or close-lying.

It has an allweather coat with a frontal ruff, long shaggy britches and belly fur and slight but definite undercoat, and a long flowing tail.

The lengthened hair around the chest area; part of the ruff.
A cat with a patched coat of white and a second color.

They have semi-long hair over most of their bodies, with longer hair at the "ruff", britches and tail. Their hair is fairly oily which always makes them feel silky. This also makes for less matting of the hair.

The length of the fur is longer around the neck which gives them a very ruff appearance. Their fur on the sides and stomach is medium to medium long, and all colors are acceptable, even white.

- lack of Siamese type.
- lack of plumed tail.
- definite double or woolly coat or ruff.

Mitted Ragdolls have dark points and a lighter body shade, but also have white gloves (or mittens) on their forepaws, and white gauntlets (or laces) worn on their hind paws, a white chin, white ruff, and a white strip on the stomach.

Many will 'groom' their owner's hair in return! The coat takes around 2 years to develop completely, and often features a prominent ruff, and 'breeches '. The tail on a Somali is a real feature - it is big, bushy and resembles a fox brush.

Longhairs have a ringletted ruff and plumed tail, while shorthairs have fuzzy waves all over and tails like bottle brushes. The coat is low-maintenance and low-shedding, requiring little grooming.

Some longhairs have shortish fur on the body, but all longhairs have long fur on the tail, forming a "plume" or "brush," and most have long fur around the neck forming a "ruff."
mixed breed: A cat of unknown or mixed parentage.

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Cat  Ruddy  Rumpy

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