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Smart for life cookie diet

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Smart For Life Cookie Diet Basics
The idea behind the Smart for Life Cookie Diet is that you will reduce your intake of calories by replacing meals with cookies. You eat six cookies a day and an evening meal of chicken or fish with five cups of vegetables.

I absolutely LOVE the smart for life cookie diet.! I love that instead of reaching for something unhealthy that just makes you more hungry. You grab a cookie! They are NOT bad honestly-the people complaining just want to stay fat. I would say try it-I personally love it.
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There are a number of cookie diets currently on the market, such as the Smart for Life Cookie Diet and Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet. All require 4 to 6 cookies per day, sometimes in addition to other food, such as one meal of six ounces of meat in the case of the Siegal diet.

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Diet  Slimming world  Snack factor diet

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