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Synovitis - Toxic - Toxic Synovitis
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Alternate Names : Inflammation of the tendon sheath
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Toxic Synovitis
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Can tenosynovitis or tendonitis be prevented?
There is no proof that anything can prevent a bout of tenosynovitis or tendonitis. However, the following are sensible suggestions that may help to prevent a recurrence: ...

Tenosynovitis and tendinitis occur as a result of injury or overuse or is secondary to inflammatory joint conditions.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Transient synovitis of the hip, also called toxic synovitis, is an inflammation and swelling of the tissues around the hip joint. Usually only one hip is affected. This condition is called "transient" because it lasts only a short time.

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Plant Thorn Arthritis
(Plant Thorn Synovitis or Thorn Arthritis) ...

De Quervain's tenosynovitis is an inflammation of the sheaths of the tendons that move the thumb up and out (away from the hand).

de Quervain tenosynovitis
Type: Term
1. inflammation of the tendons of the first dorsal compartment of the wrist, which includes the abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis; ...

De Quervain's Tenosynovitis
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Symptoms of de Quervain's tenosynovitis include:
Pain near the base of your thumb
Swelling near the base of your thumb
A fluid-filled cyst in the same region as the swelling and pain ...

Infection with Mycoplasma synoviae may be seen in chickens and turkeys in association with synovitis and/or airsacculitis. It occurs in most poultry-producing countries, especially in commercial layer flocks. Infection rates may be very high.

Although the exact cause of de Quervain's tenosynovitis isn't known, any activity that relies on repetitive hand or wrist movement — such as working in the garden, playing golf or racket sports or lifting your baby — can make it worse.

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dermatitis-arthritis-tenosynovitis syndrome
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Synovitis: Inflammation of the joints resulting from inflamed synoviumj this results in joint inflammation (arthritis).

synovitis Inflammation (swelling, pain, and warmth) of a synovial membrane, which is a layer of connective tissue that lines a joint, such as the hip, knee, ankle, or shoulder. Synovitis is caused by some types of arthritis and other diseases.

tensan vats noun a painful inflammation of the tendon sheath and the tendon inside Also called peritendinitis ...
tenovaginitis ...

If the sheath surrounding the tendon (rather than the tendon itself) becomes inflamed, the condition is called tenosynovitis. Tendonitis and tenosynovitis can occur at the same time.

Tenosynovitis of the Thumb (DeQuervain's type)
Presentation and Anatomy: Repetitive abduction and adduction of the thumb can irritate the tendons of the extensor policis brevis and abductor policis longus muscles.

Synovitis and Tenosynovitis in Diseases Classified Elsewhere
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Radial Styloid Tenosynovitis; de Quervains Disease ...

synovitis (inflamed joint lining) of the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, or ankle
injuries to the shoulder, such as rotator cuff tendon tears, impingement syndrome, and dislocations ...

Sprains and Strains
Foot Drop
Joint Replacement
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Synovitis-acne-pustulosis Hyperostosis-osteomyelitis [syndrome]
Sexually Acquired Reactive Arthritis; Superfund Amendments And Reauthorization ...

Synovitis (inflammation in the joints)
Pustule eruptions
Hyperostosis (abnormal bony growths)
Osteolysis (bone destruction) ...

synovitis - inflammation of the synovial membrane, the tissue that lines and protects the joint.
synovial fluid - a clear, sticky fluid that is released by the synovial membrane and acts as a lubricant for joints and tendons.

Tenosynovitis is an inflammation of the tenosynovium, a sheath that covers tendons. Tendons are the cords that connect bones to muscles in the body. Tenosynovitis can occur in any tendon with a synovial sheath.

Tenosynovitis. This is when the infection spreads to the sheath that surrounds the tendons in your finger. It causes pain, swelling and tenderness around the affected area.

Tenosynovitis is typically caused by injury to the tendon or surrounding muscle or bone.

Tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon sheath) of the wrist associated with typing or operating a word processor is the injury now most frequently reported, although sewing machine operators and DIY enthusiasts face similar problems.
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Inflammation of a tendon and its enveloping sheath.
Tension ...

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Disease  Synovial sarcoma  Synovium

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