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Above something or someone
Feeling superior to someone or something else
Considering oneself too good for involvement with a certain activity or person ...

Dream Dictionary
To see anything hanging above you, and about to fall, implies danger; if it falls upon you it may be ruin or sudden disappointment.

Above something or someone
Feeling superior to someone or something else
Considering oneself too good for involvement with a certain activity or person
Not subject to, such as feeling that you are "above the law"
More advanced or evolved ...

Above in a dream can represent:
Higher learning or power
Are you in 'Over your head'?
Having 'lofty goals'
It may be representing inspiration or higher self
Feeling like someone is 'above you' or better than you - superiority.

If you dream of something above your head it means that you should make bigger expectations of yourself. What you have to do is to become the person, who is always seeking for ultimate results.

Seeing something above you in a dream can mean that you should seek more lofty goals.
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Dream Interpretation Above
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future.

above as above, so below; thinking you are better than others; someone lording it over you. What's up?
abuse hurting yourself; time to say no; speak up for yourself. Who is angry and at what?

above symbol in dream
Dreamed about above. What does it mean?
For more dream interpretations and dream meanings, please refer to our Dream Dictionary. Some of our top dream symbols include: ...

Above: To see anything hanging above you, and about to fall, implies danger;if it falls upon you it may be ruin or sudden disappointment.

Dream dictionary definition for above: Dreaming that you are above something indicates looking at life from a higher perspective.

To dream that something is above you indicates that that you have goals that seem out of reach. It may also reflect something you perceive to be ideal.

above What is superior or has a wider view or possibility than your present standpoint; sense of inferiority in relationship to what is above us; what we strive for.

Higher self. Greater understanding or knowledge. Will receive good news.
Abroad ...

Above - The intellect, thinking aspect. Maybe you need to lift your sights, embrace a new goal. New attitudes, tap into your 'higher' creative self.

To see something above you in your dream, suggests that you need to set your goals higher.
Abroad ...

Above all that is the challenge of the new century." Mandela was absolutely right.

The above can also be the case when we view yarn being spun in dreams, either by a machine or an old fairy-tale like spinning wheel.

The above is an example of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the state of being conscious in your dreams. You are aware that you are dreaming, while dreaming.

See above.
- also see Dream Dictionary: Position
When we dream of deepness, we are actually dreaming of matters that relate to family. These matters are issues that are not at a conscious level.

The above dreams, except two, cannot be explained by telepathy, because the mental picture cast on the dream mind had not in either instance taken place in waking life.

When you rise above the water on a gust of wind, this is a moment of intellectual clarity. Air is more for the brain than the heart, and the wind takes you "above it all," where you are suspended long enough to see the big picture.

**See The Meaning In Action: "Boiling A Rabbit" Above
To see something above you in your dream suggests that you need to set your goals higher. Aim high! Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are feeling inferior or inadequate.

The same as the above is true if you dream that someone gave you drugs without your knowledge. This dream may also suggest that you are stubbornly ignoring facts that are staring you right in the face.

I dreamed I was above, don't know where but I was looking down at a plane which appeared to have landed in the sea, it didn't seem like it crashed, and most of it was submerged under water except for the head which was being pulled by a tugboat, ...

Also see "colors" above. An 'Aum' chant used in meditation to focus, or still the mind can be found on the "Dreams and Meditation Page." Scroll down to the Tibetan Chant.
mute: To be speechless or not communicating something.
N ...

"Killing. see A-Z above".
Not sure what a "Bum" is to look it up, as I only know a Bum as being another word for a Tramp.
Not sure if these will have helped you work out your dream or not, but I hope so. :) ...

To see one soaring above you, denotes lofty ambitions which you will struggle fiercely to realize, nevertheless you will gain your desires.

If you saw it from above it symbolizes a journey.
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Uranus symbol shown above, and here's another version:
The Uranus symbol is based on several symbolic components, particularly the male symbol because of its association with the god by the same name in Greek myth.

ABOVE where you are in relation to your goals
ABROAD foreign strange experiences/thoughts
ABSCESS feelings are to burst out
ABSCOND fraud and deceit
ABSTINENCE overconfidence
ABUNDANCE fortunes and happiness
ABUSE mistreat ...

Airplane To see an airplane in your dream indicates that you will overcome your obstacles and rise above to a new level of prominence and status. You may experience a higher consciousness, newfound freedom and greater awareness.

(see Rule of Opposites, above).
Garlic - freedom from worry, soon.
Glass - if broken, success. If empty, distress.
Goat - inconstancy in a relationship or job.
Graduation - a new stage of life begins.
Grasshopper - loss.

flower bed, flower garden, forest preserve, future state, gaiety, gallery, game reserve, garden, Garden of Eden, garden spot, gladness, glee, glory, Goshen, grape ranch, grapery, happiness, happy hunting ground, Happy Valley, heaven, heaven above, ...

As we stated above you loose almost 90% of your dreams the first minute when you wake up but can stop this right now by following the few simple steps.

Flying with ease and looking down in the landscape below, signifies that you are prepared and on top of a situation or that you have risen above something. It may also mean that you have gained a different perspective on things.

One exception to the generalities listed above is water faucets. In a dream, it is important to recognize if the dreamer or another is controlling the faucet and whether this is done to effect the comfort or discomfort of the dreamer.

My dream started with me in my room, & just above my bed on the wall, there was a small thin ,light green kind of brownish snake there, it was either a baby snake or a graden snake. Wasn't that long about the size of a pencil.

To see an ascending balloon in your dream, signifies frustrating conditions in your life in which you are seeking to rise above. You are expressing a desire to escape. On a positive note, balloons symbolize celebration and festivities.

Ship To dream of ships, foretells honor and unexpected elevation to ranks above your mode of life. To hear of a shipwreck is ominous of a disastrous turn in affairs. Your female friends will betray you.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then CLICK HERE
QUESTION : Have you been thinking about how you would do something?
- Were you thinking about how to confront someone about something?

We have a desire to be free and above all difficulties! Alfred Adler thought that this dream was a type of a superiority dream in which we reveal the desire to dominate and be above others.

For this free dream meaning, see Wolf above.
To dream of working means there is a helth risk ahead if you do not find a way to destress yourself more regularly.

The type of dream mentioned above is your mind's way of telling you that you have lost your way in life. Are you paying attention to what is really important in life, or are insignificant things draining you of all your time and attention?

Since you cannot physically fly, to dream of flying symbolizes that you have a strong intellect which you can use to mentally rise above a problem. In the dream, when flying, you are looking at things from a higher perspective.

For a young man to dream that he is flying with white wings above green foliage, foretells advancement in business, and he will also be successful in love. If he dreams this often it is a sign of increasing prosperity and the fulfilment of desires.

In the dream above about the hall, the pictures, ceiling, arches, paintings and even the mouse, are all dream symbols. All the little details mean something. Symbols, for the most part, are a very personal thing.

So when I pulled the pillar away, it all came crashing down into the sea and started to build up under the sea, except for the12 foot black piece stayed above the water like at the first, but I knew that underneath the water, ...

To dream of a preacher, denotes that your ways are not above reproach, and your affairs will not move evenly.
To dream that you are a preacher, foretells for you losses in business, and distasteful amusements will jar upon you.

To see an asteroid in your dream, represents a spiritual message from above. You are about to be enlightened with some knowledge. Alternatively, it signifies a brainstorming of ideas and thoughts.

If the eagle is flying free, the dreamer needs to be prepared for an opportunity to soar above the mundane, either professionally or spiritually, or both. 2.

To see a soldier in your dream, foretells you will rise above your obstacles that may presently seem overwhelming.
To dream that you are a soldier, denotes that you are preparing yourself to do battle over an issue and defend your values and opinions.

Being caught in power lines or being unable to rise above them suggests a struggle for empowerment. Are you able to identify the obstacle on the path to achieving your career or romantic destination?

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You may feel that you are now above him or her. Alternatively, it represents authority and pride. To dream that others are taller than you, suggests that you may have a tendency to overlook things.

If you think you are a water-carrier, you will rise above
your present position.
To dream of a waterfall, foretells that you will secure your wildest desire,
and fortune will be exceedingly favorable to your progress.

To dream that you see seals, denotes that you are striving for a place above your power to maintain. Dreams of seals... Continue dream interpretation - Seal"continue dream interpretation
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Differentiated from the above dream, general care dreams do not reflect a crisis-level anxiety, but more of a dependent lifestyle. The relationship in a hospital is a one-way flow from care-giver to patient. This is a picture of dependence.

This is similar to the fast-ticking situation above, but even more urgent. You didn't even get a warning in this situation - it was only by accident, almost, that you realized that you are out of time.

Testing times.
Wedding party or ceremony: Death. It is interpreted by Law of opposites. See example above.
White sheet : Divine protection. See example "naked, dreaming of being".
Whip : God's wil through us.

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