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To dream that you accuse any one of a mean action, denotes that you will have quarrels with those under you, and your dignity will be thrown from a high pedestal.

If you are accused, you are in danger of being guilty of distributing scandal in a sly and malicious way.
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To dream that you've been accused by a female of something, information upcoming will not be in your favor. If you proved your character, however, then your troubles will be defeated. If your accuser was male, your success in life will exceed your expectations.

To dream that you accuse any one of a mean action, denotes that you will have quarrels with those under you, and your dignity will be thrown from a high pedestal.
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falsely accused dream symbol
falsely accused
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Being or feeling falsely accused can represent: ...

falsely accused
Being or feeling falsely accused can represent:
A real life, feared, or imagined situation where you felt blamed for something you didn't do
A denial of or failure to accept responsibility for something you did
Feeling that the world is a harsh, vengeful, or blaming place ...

Dreams About Accuse
What do dreams about accuse mean?
To dream that you accuse any one of a mean action, denotes that you will have quarrels with those under you, and your dignity will be thrown from a high pedestal.

To dream that you accuse any one of a mean action, could denote that you may have quarrels with those under you, and your dignity will be thrown from a high pedestal.
If you are accused, you are at risk of being guilty of distributing scandal in a sly and malicious way.

If there any confrontations or disagreemnts in your life right now then they are probably what has triggered an "accused" dream. In such situations you are having to take sides and judge who is right and wrong.

To be aware of a vague accusation is a warning to be on your guard against being used by unscrupulous people. If the accusation was clearly defined and you were able to defend yourself or prove your innocence, it portends trouble that you can overcome.

Accuse :
If you got accused of something might someone try to exploit you. If you accused someone you can get problems with a friend.
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Accuse / Accusation
If you dream of being accused by a female, some upsetting news is on the way. But if you defended yourself or proved your innocence in the dream, then you will overcome the troubles that come.

To dream that you are being accused of something, indicates that you are feeling guilty. It may also mean that you are having some doubts about yourself and the choices you are making To dream that you accuse others, signifies that you will have arguments with those around you.

To dream of being accused of something, may represent feelings of guilt or blaming yourself. Self-defeating thinking patterns. It may also reflect doubts you have about yourself or choices you are making. TOP
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If you accuse someone in a dream, it is likely that the person you are accusing represents an aspect of yourself. You are angry at a part of yourself for making you have uncomfortable feelings or thoughts, or for making you do something that you now regret.

Falsely Accused
Dream dictionary definition for falsely accused:  Dreaming that you are falsely accused could indicate feelings of guilt around a certain situation.  It could also indicate differences in the way you perceive right vs.

accuse, airing, allege, ante, antistrophe, arraign, article, back matter, balance, balance the books, bandying, bespeak, bet, bill, booklet, brief, bring accusation, bring charges, bring to book, broadcast, broadcasting, brochure, bruiting, bruiting about, budget, burden, calendar, canto, capitalize, ...

To accuse someone of a crime or bad deed - is to anxiety and grief. Accused you - to success and fortune.
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To accuse some one of defrauding you, you will be offered a place of high honor.
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To accuse others, denotes that you will treat some person
with hasty inconsideration.
To see a steeple rising from a church, is a harbinger of
sickness and reverses.

See Accuse.
To dream of a convention, denotes unusual activity in business affairs and final engagement in love. An inharmonious or displeasing convention brings you disappointment.

Being accused of wrongdoing warns you to be on guard against those who will flatter you in order to obtain favors.... Continue dream interpretation - Accusation"continue dream interpretation
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dock an accused person; some part taken away; something jutting out; your ship has come in; doc. Who is loading stuff off on you?
doctor healing; tampering with; higher studies; needing to see a doctor. What's being 'doctored'?

Are you often accused of not listening well by a boss, spouse, or partner?
Do you feel that your life has an ominous, undistinguished danger lurking on the outskirts of it?
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Man, often accused by women of being too logical, can also represent logic, an idea, or a mode of thought.

For example, a terribly jealous sort of person may accuse other people of being jealous. Similarly, a selfish person may accuse others of not giving of themselves. Everyone does this to some extent, and it happens on a collective level too.

On one hand, you may feel unjustly accused of something or limited in some way. The jail can also symbolize your own sense of self condemnation. It can personify a type of guilt that has trapped your free expression.

To dream of a white moth, foretells unavoidable sickness, though you will be tempted to accuse yourself or some other with wrong-doing, which you think causes the complaint.

General Meanings: Doubts You accuse someone in your dream, this shows that you are indecisive person and do not know what to decide or to choose. You have to accept challenge and to solve this.

The person who emailed me also accused me of fabricating this symbol, making it up. Wrong. This symbol has been alive and kicking in the real world for a very long time.

For a young woman to dream of being accused of being older than she is, denotes that she will fall into bad companionship, and her denial of stated things will be brought to scorn. To see herself looking aged, intimates possible sickness, or unsatisfactory ventures.

To be accused of stealing, denotes that you will be misunderstood in some affair, and suffer therefrom, but you will eventually find that this will bring you favor. To accuse others, denotes that you will treat some person with hasty inconsideration.

The communist press were accused of being propagandists. They served no useful purpose and simply tried to cover over the problems. The western press were critical of their governments and were allowed to say what they wanted. So the dream mind must always be brutally honest.

To dream that you are or accused of being a traitor, signifies unfavorable situations and little pleasure for you.
To see a traitor in your dream, denotes that you rivals are doing their best to distress you.
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If you are in court, consider, first, what role you play: judge, attorney, the accused, a witness, a jury members; spectator. It could be related to your ability to make judgments or decisions; aspects of your behavior attitudes you think need defending; some person or situation you need to defend.

So it is strange that I, an English (UK) speaker, should be accused of wrong spelling - words like realise - labour - colour - etc, which have a long history in the ‘English' language are criticised and not criticized as in the American language.

Accusations in a dream may be literal. Do you believe you've done something wrong? If you're accused, you may feel you're being judged or unfairly treated. The person judging you in these dreams is usually you. This dream could also reflect worries about how other people perceive you.
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Lawyer - Positive: Jesus Christ, our advocate; mediator; Negative: Satan, the accuser of the brethren; legalism
Mob - false accusation
Policemen - authority for good or evil; protector; spiritual authority ...

Cheating can represent any sort of infidelity, or broken promise, or unkept appointment. What you have dreamed of, though, is not precisely cheating, but rather secondhand news of it. You get conflicting information from the accused and the accuser.

Sudden, violent change. Ready to burst forth. Unjustly accused.
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Negative: A pointing finger could represent either being accused or the dreamer accusing others. ( Isaiah 2:8; 58:9; Luke 11:20)


Is your spouse cheating in your dreams? If you have no reason for suspicion in waking life, you are advised to investigate your own insecurities, before you accuse your partner. You may be feeling depressed, unattractive, or ineffective, and may be wondering why your spouse sticks around.

Where is the trial taking place - is it in a normal courtroom, or perhaps in your office or home? Do you get the sense that you have been wrongly accused of something? Do you feel that you will certainly be found guilty of something you know you did?

Guillotines are specific devices that were actually invented to be humane. Before the guillotine, death could be very messy, with firing squads that missed, hangings that went awry and so on. With a guillotine, the accused person was finally guaranteed a quick, clean death.

If you dream of talking in general, you will soon be made aware of many small worries in your everyday affairs or you will hear of a near relatives problems. To hear others speaking in a loud voice denotes that you will be falsely accused of malicious gossip.
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adversarial or confrontational as in an attacker or accuser.
saw: Separation.
scar: A healed wound.

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