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American, Unitarianism E. Mis
If you dream of overcrowded airport it represents your intentions of being free. This dream shows how big expectations you are having out of your work and personal life. This dream is a sign of the new beginning, new purposes and new tasks.

airport dream symbol
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The beginning or ending of a process or journey
A recent or expected trip
The idea of trying to "get somewhere," make progress, get ahead, or solve a problem ...

The beginning or ending of a process or journey
A recent or expected trip
The idea of trying to "get somewhere," make progress, get ahead, or solve a problem
A specific public place in your real life with lots of people or social activity ...

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The ancient dream interpreters believed that dreaming of an airport shows that your life would benefit from new relationships, new dimensions, a range of backgrounds, some travel, and a new phase of life.

When you dream of an airport, the meaning of such dream may vary according to whether it is an empty or busy airport. A busy airport is an indication of ambitious new beginnings. Som ideas may have been maturing in your mind, and now it is time for you to put them to use.

To dream of an ~ with high traffic, you wish to be free, have ambitious goals or dreams, or elevated moral standings. This dream signals that you are ready for a new beginning. You have an idea that will take root and be successful.

An ~ signifies the start or end of a phase of your life journey. Arrivals commonly signify your birth and departures signify a new project. See Airplane.
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~, feel the excitement associated with the flight - it heralds the achievement of pleasure in love affairs.
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Well being at the ~ can usually mean change, something new happening, changing direction in life and so on. Here though you are sending someone off for a year which means THEY are going through a change or your relationship with this person is heading for a change or turning to a new direction.

An ~ is a place from which we leave on big trips in waking life. An ~ in a dream symbolizes the impending journey to a big destination in your waking life, often related to career, such as a promotion or new job.

~ :
A busy ~ reflects a wish of freedom or a journey. If it is empty your travel plans can get changed or postponed.
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To see an ~ in your dream denotes that you are going through some transitional phases in your life. It also signifies the desire for freedom, ambition, and hopes.
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~-an ~ symbolizes departure from one place in life to the next
Alarm-symbolic of being alerted or awakened to do something, Num. 10:5
Alcohol-if you dream of drinking alcohol it can symbolize a current or former addiction to alcohol, Prov. 20:1 ...

~: The church; family; preparation; preparing to fly in the Spirit; delay; tarry; change; power over demonic forces; provision of nourishment, both natural or spiritual; image of approaching terror. (1 Kings 9: 26-28; Ez. 30: 9; Acts 27: 1-2; Ps. 48: 7; Matt.

~ fast change may be indicated; someone still waiting for something. Who is leaving on a jet plane and doesn't know when they'll be back again?
album old memories coming back; looking at the past; keeping track of things; Al, the bum. What have you stuck down and forgotten?

~. Dreaming of ~s is a sign of transition and change. You have either experienced a transition or change or one is coming.

~s and train stations are places of transition, and therefore are associated with hopes and ambitions.

Dreams that incorporate an ~ are indicative of decisions to be made in various directions. This dream allows us to see that we are in a hectic headspace and that we need to remove oneself to somewhere peaceful to think clearly in order to make wiser decisions.

To see a busy ~ in your dream, signifies the desire for freedom, high ideals, ambition, and hopes. It is an indication that you are approaching a new departure in your life. Some new idea is taking off or is ready to take off.

To dream of an ~ represents the beginning or the end of plans or ideas. Waiting to depart on a plane reflects a new idea or plan that is ready to take off. You are approching a new departure in your life.

An aiport is a place where you must wait before you can continue on a journey, so a dream that you are in an ~ can mean that you are waiting for a new phase of your life to begin. You are at a transitional stage in your life.

A dream featuring an ~ symbolizes new experiences, ambition and desire for freedom. It may suggest that you considering new areas of your life or a fresh start. Seeing an ..Read more →

~: Making changes or a desire for something different. It could also be a departure point for something new.
alchemist: An agent of change, magical messenger, conjurer of new things, transformation.

~ - A desire or need for a new departure or new adventure in your personal life. A foreign country may represent your unconscious, in which the dream is telling you that you have not arrived at your desired destination. A busy ~ is an indication of ambitious new beginnings.

An ~ or the air journey itself may indicate a new departure in your life. This could include a new job, new relationship or an adventure. It is interesting to note that to a Freudian psychologist the airplane is a phallic symbol by virtue of its forceful penetrative motion.

Airplane / ~
Airplane dreams usually represent creativity, freedom and health. Dreaming of a plane crash or turbulence means a project will be delayed. ~ dreams mean you are in a stage of transition.
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Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is lost in an ~ linked to the dreamer being about to take an air plane journey. Being lost symbolised the dreamers need to be prepared for this journey and to make sure that everything was right - otherwise he would end up in total chaos. ...

The wish to avoid responsibility or difficulties and run away from daily routine You pack your bags in a dream, rushes to the train station, ~ or gets in the car.

Foreign Countries
Different attitude; different mental or emotional 'climate' than one's norm; sometimes represents meeting an aspect of oneself that was previously unconscious, so unknown or foreign; the unfamiliar a challenge.

In a dream the sight of a busy ~ represents the desire for freedom and/or travel as this is the jumping... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
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