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Aluminum - To see aluminum in your dream, signifies your ability to retain what is valuable to you. You are happy with what you have. What may seem insignificant to others is important to you.
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To dream of aluminum, denotes contentment with any fortune, however small. For a woman to see her aluminum ornaments or vessels tarnished, foretells strange and unexpected sorrow, and loss will befall her.

Aluminum :
If the aluminum looked new, you will you be happy. If it was old and gray, you can be frustrated.
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aluminum foil vanity; distorted view of self; something being reflected back to you. What is your dream reflecting back to you about vanity?
Amazon female strength; feminism; conflict; a big book order. Who is the warrior woman in your life?

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Dreamed about aluminum. What does it mean?
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Acceptance of responsibilities. If tarnished, the responsibilities are overwhelming and disappointing to you.
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A Mysterious and powerful woman ...

Kitchen utensils made of this metal augur
happiness to lovers if they are bright and shiny,
but frustration if they are dull.

affluence, aluminum, americium, and pence, assets, aureate, aureateness, auric, bar, barium, beige, beryllium, bismuth, bottomless purse, brass, brassy, brazen, bronze, bronzy, buff, buff-yellow, bulging purse, bullion, cadmium, calcium, canary, ...

ALUMINUM determined but adaptable
ALUMINUM strong thoughts
AMBER fixed ideas locked in past
AMBULANCE show a bit of immediate care and attention - tend to hurt feelings - recognise a situation is dangerous
AMBUSH problems in unexpected places ...

Tuning forks are metal instruments with a handle and two prongs or tines. Tuning forks, made of steel, aluminum, or magnesium-alloy will vibrate at a set frequency to produce a musical tone, a single pure note, when struck.

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Dreams  Aluminium  Amateur

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