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audience dream symbol
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Being in front of an audience can represent a feeling self-conscious, an awareness of or fear of being observed by others, or a heightened concern about others' opinions.

Audience Dreams
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If you dream that you are performing and being observed by an audience, you are probably concerned with how other people see you in real life.

Being in front of an audience can represent a feeling self-conscious, an awareness of or fear of being observed by others, or a heightened concern about others' opinions.

For instance, an "audience" dream could link to the word "embarrassed" and the dream capture a thought like "I feel embarrassed when we express our feelings in public. I a not ready for everyone to know we are an item yet".

Audience (public event)
American, Unitarianism E. Mis
When you dream of being in front of audience it symbolizes how much of people that you are surrounded by are noticing you and how important they are to you.

If you dream of being in front of an ~, it means the world around you and it is paying close attention to your actions. It could also symbolize your fears of having your private thoughts discovered or revealed.
Audition ...

~. A surprising distinction will come your way if you faced an ~; if you were in it, you will have cause to rejoice over the good fortune of a valued friend.

~ feeling unappreciated and ignored; someone is starting to pay attention to the work you have contributed; show off what you have done; listen to others; being watched; performing. Who always sits passively on the sidelines, waiting to be entertained?

To dream of being in front of an ~ suggests we have information or knowledge to pass on. To be in an ~ implies we perceive ourselves to be "part of the crowd" and likely wanting to feel more independent and/or "special".
- also see Dream Dictionary: Nimbus ...

To dream that you are in front of an ~, represents the world around you and it is paying close attention to your actions. Alternatively, it suggests your fears of having your personal feelings and private thoughts discovered or revealed.

Performing in front of others is a common dream because it is a way of working through self-judgment and insecurity. In most cases, there is embarrassment as you meet the severity of your inner critic.

Definition For:
If you dream of standing in front of an ~ and you are bold and confident, this could indicate a healing dream and the fact that you have risen up.

In the ~ of a theatre symbolizes looking at life.
On a theatre stage indicates performance anxiety with regard to the subject matter of the dream.
Thermostat ...

The world around you. Fear of your private feelings or thoughts being discovered. Being under observation or watched.
Around a person or angelic being: Gives divine meaning to what they represent. Special symbol to get your attention.

~: Need for appreciation, or if you're in the ~, appreciating yourself, or watching some emotion, or some aspect of your life. Are you ready to make something public?

An ~ in a dream is often a symbol for the subject's waking life public. How that ~ responds reflects your feelings about how you or whoever is in front of the ~ is being perceived or judged in waking life.
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In dreams, ~s often consist of people we would consider to be authority figures, such as parents, bosses or teachers. If an authority figure is a member of the ~, your dream may be about proving yourself, and whether you consider yourself to be a failure or a success.
Audition ...

antimasque, ~ success, ballad opera, ballet divertissement, ballroom dancing, bomb, broadcast drama, Broadway musical, burlesque show, charade, choreodrama, choreography, chorus show, classical ballet, cliff hanger, closet drama, comedy ballet, comedy drama, comic opera, critical success, ...

Observing from the ~ may indicate that you are feeling "off the team" or outside the action. Observing as a player who does not enter the game indicates that you feel others are ambivalent about your skills, or you yourself may be so.

If you pass the exam easily will be presented to a large ~ without any major problems then this dream indicates that you are comfortable in any achievements which are likely to happen in the future.

Watch how an acrobat in the circus performs room before the ~, means that for a long time, you are concerned about the same problem, solve it, do you think that you are not able to.

When I came out of this open vision the ~ was waiting for me to respond because I had paused gazing for a moment because His appearance was so sudden. It stopped me in the middle of preaching. After this I told the pastor and all the people what just happened and what Jesus said.

If you have a happy ~, it will pay off the way you intend it to. If the ~ is unhappy with your performance, you need to re-evaluate how your desire is affecting others.

I dreamt that I was at the ~ seat with a guy I don't recognize, but I feel like I know him. And I was also talking to him. The content, I don't remember. We were watching a concert by my best female friend (BFF).

Then another man in the ~ got up and said that he was a pastor who had his own radio talk show and his own TV talk show. This pastor said that cruelty to animals Isn't immoral and there was nothing wrong with whipping elephants until their skin fell off.

A dream featuring an ~ represents areas of our personality. To be presenting to an ~ implies that you are facing important issues. To be in the ~ suggests a ..Read more →
A dream where you observe an aura symbolizes you becoming more aware of others.

Example: I crept about obviously and the ~ loved it. The piano guy isn't too happy as he is getting blown up. I realize the play is reaching its finale and I was disappointed that I'd have to take my curtain call in the unflattering guise of a spy and villain instead of the lovely bride.

Each movement of the swan is delicately choreographed, as if she is always being filmed before an admiring ~. And so, when the swan comes into your life's production, it's time to do the same.

Auditorium - An auditorium is where an ~ sits. The ~ may symbolize your total self, all the aspects or emotions of your psyche. It is your total self.

The attitude and behavior of the ~ reflects how you think others perceive you. TOP
Auditorium ...

If, however, you are one of the spectators, then your dream might be telling you that you need to be more involved in life instead of just sitting back watching the action unfold. You're not just after thrill; you're after something that lasts long after the lights have died and the ~ members ...

A microphone may symbolize the desire to communicate your ideas more forcefully or to a broader ~. You may wish to perform or to find a way to make your opinions heard.
microscope ...

Zolar's comes to mind as an example of what I would avoid, but that is my own humble opinion & to each his own. If you think you would be interested in purchasing my book when I am done, drop me a line--it would be nice & encouraging to believe that I have an eager ~ out there :) ...

- An open-air stage is an indication of communication with the masses.
- A revolving stage shows the need to keep moving, even while the dreamer plays a role.
- Is the dreamer only the ~, he is forced into the role of passivity and has to watch the action on stage.

- A woman as described above opposing the public or touching or kissing the ~ or showing her private parts: Intrigue or a proving matter in which those seen getting anything from her will perish in view of verse 35 of the Quranic chapter 'Al-Anbiyae' (The Prophets), ...

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