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Something that is backward or opposite of what you would expect can mean that something seems amiss, or not quite right about the situation represented in the dream.

a priori, a rebours, a reculons, about, afraid, aft, after, after time, aftermost, again, against the grain, ago, aloof, anticlockwise, apathetic, arear, around, arrested, arsy-varsy, ascending, ass over elbows, ass-backwards, astern, averse, away, axial, babbling, back, back when, back-flowing, ...

If you find yourself moving backwards in a dream, your dreaming mind is pointing out that you are returning to old, unhealthy ways of behavior.

If you dream of moving backwards, you need to remember information from the past to solve a current problem.

To dream that you are walking or moving backward, signifies that what you are doing may be counter-productive. What you are seeking in life appears to be moving away from you. Thus you may be feeling a sense of failure or believe that you are unable to achieve your goals and aspirations.

~s - Getting farther away from your true goal. A need to retreat and analyze situations or events before moving ahead.
Backyard - Those parts of the personality hidden from view. Unconscious contents that have been ignored, repressed or never brought to consciousness.

Went ~s in time to express your ideology or your love.
Went ahead in time just to experience what it could be in the future.
Went back in your time, to re-live those moments of happiness and remorse but with your viewpoint.
Seen yourself as a child or in a younger time in your life.

Going ~s in a dream reflects your sense that you are going the wrong direction in waking life, usually as it relates to achieving an objective or goal.
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Example dream : A '~s cult' was linked to the dreamer trying to pick up an idea off someone. He was constantly been told to work things out in reverse - reverse engineer. The cult was symbolic of the dreamer picking up on an idea which had been drummed into him like. ...

dream character with head on ~s means approaching things in ~ fashion) Cayce (294-131, A-3). 3. headless - inability to reach that person through normal, physical, conscious means - can only be contacted through spiritual means Cayce (900-355, A-1). 4.

i look out the window and see a highway that curves like a ~s J that disappears from my sight to the right. it is clear outside and the time of year is summer. i close the shades and have a conversation with/ my mother that i can't recall.

Walking ~ in a dream means reversing one's decision, cancelling a commitment, or it could represent corruption in one's religious practices. Strutting or prancing in a dream represents an ugly state of mind that is coupled with evil actions.

I walk ~s as the dark figure and black dog approach me. I end up in a bedroom, with my deceased aunt lying in bed. I ask her to hold the babyfor me whilei fight, she says no. Shes scared she will crush the baby in bed. So I took the baby n somehow managed to shrink it.

To dream that a clock is moving ~s, parallels the way that your life is going. Instead of moving forward and progressing toward your goals, you feel that you have not made any significant accomplishments. You feel you are stuck in a rut.

Are you looking ~s to yesterday. If so then your mind will be reflecting over the previous day. But many times our minds are pointing forward to the day to come. In such cases we will be thinking and reflecting on what may happen.

If you spontaneously dream of going ~s in time, it is most likely a dream of romantic wish-fulfillment. The "good old days" seem to conjure images of heroism, nobility, morality, and social life that, while not altogether accurate, draw our admiration.

To dream that the clock is running ~s runs concurrent with the way you feel your life is moving. You feel as though you haven't done anything important with your life or that you are currently stuck in the same place.

It is important to know what direction where you where going when you where flying, where you flying upwards, downwards or ~s.

To look in the rearview mirror while driving ~s shows that you are not looking forward and that you want to return to Egypt. It also could denote legalism, not by the spirit of law or God's Spirit.

If the dreamer observes themself travelling in a ~s direction, this can suggest they are withdrawing or moving away from a situation or even not learning quickly enough from it.

Baboon Baby Bachelor Back Back door Backbite Backgammon ~s Bacon Bad Bad luck Badger Bag Bagpipe Bail Bailiff Bait Bake Bakery Balance Balcony Bald Ball Ball-shaped Ballast Ballet Balloon Banana Bandage Banish Banister Banisters Banjo Bank Bankruptcy Banquet Bantam Bar Barbed wire Barefoot ...

If you dream you are walking. moving, or traveling ~ in your dream - or slipping ~s - you feel you are covering old ground in some situation in your life. You may be slipping into old patterns of behavior, thinking, or emotional response.

If you’re going down, it may be a symbol of moving ~s or probing deeper. Moving up the stairs may also indicate a desire to deepen awareness, develop your intuition, or pursue higher spiritual ideals.Is the climb arduous and difficult, or is it effortless?

To dream of walking, running, or driving ~s represents awareness of yourself doing something differently that everyone else. A direction in life that may seem odd or to be the opposite of others.
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A dream where you are physically moving ~s implies that you may be withdrawing yourself in some part of your life, or that you are not moving in the right ..Read more →

Deceit is sure to assail you in your affairs of the heart, if you are young, after dreaming of this ~-going thing.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project ...

Dreaming of 719 can suggest how (7) fate - often leads you (1) ~ or back to the self - before you can achieve (9) actualization. Life is often a circular journey. If you add the numbers together, they can also offer a messages where 3+1+5 = 8, or organization and patience.

Deceit is sure to assail you in your affairs of the heart, if you are young, after dreaming of this ~-going thing.
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When I reached the corner shop, the weight was so intolerable I fell over ~s. For some time I lay on my back held down by the toolbox, struggling to release my arms from the handles. Eventually I managed this and stood up, holding the toolbox in my left hand.

Snakes are symbolic of progress too. The ancients observed snakes never move ~s. This makes snakes synonymous with progress, and the forward-march of time.

(Remember the crab often moves sideways or ~s.) Some folklore interpretations say that the crab is an omen of poor health. However, there is a more positive interpretation for the crab in your dream. In some areas of metaphysics, the crab is a representative of the sea and the sky.

Abnormal. To dream of something abnormal such as a horse with feathers or an aeroplane flying ~s means you will shortly have a pleasing solution to your worries.

Janus in Roman mythology, an ancient god, protector of doorways and gates; represented by two faces, looking forward and ~. Who is being two faced?

Crawfish: Deceit is sure to assail you in your affairs of the heart, if you are young,after dreaming of this ~-going thing.

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