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Most dreams I see with mention of bacon are to do with being hungry and liking it to eat. But it can also suggest something, a food, that can keep for ages without going bad. Can also refer to supplies, earning a living.

Dream Dictionary
To dream of eating bacon is good, if some one is eating with you and hands are clean.

Bacon in a dream can represent:
'Bringing home the bacon' - the money maker in the family.
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To dream of eating bacon is good, if some one is eating with you and hands are clean.
Rancid bacon, is dullness of perception and unsatisfactory states will worry you.

Bacon - To dream of handling bacon with dirty hands is an ill omen and must be taken with the dream as a whole. Bacon that has gone rancid denotes a failed affair, either love or business.

To dream of eating bacon is good, representing success and wealth.
To see bacon that has gone rancid in your dream indicates worries over unsatisfactory situation.

Seeing bacon in your dream, symbolizes essentials, staples, and life's supply. It may also be a play on the common phase "bring home the bacon" to refer earning a living.

Bacon :
This is a positive dream provided that it is not rancid, then the meaning is that you might get dissatisfied.
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To dream of eating bacon is positive, representing life's basic pleasures and also success with managing money.
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Bacon Dream Symbols:
The essentials needed to sustain life. Those parts of oneself that are left to "hang out to dry" with an eventual realization by your conscious mind that will give nourishment to life.
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To dream of bacon represents total self-gratification. You or someone else that is getting pleasure exactly the way you want it.

bacon symbol in dream
Dreamed about bacon. What does it mean?
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Porpoise To see a porpoise in your dreams, denotes enemies are thrusting your interest aside, through your own inability to keep people interested in you.

bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich, beef, beef extract, beef tea, beefsteak, bifteck, BLT, bouillon, bully, bully beef, canape, charqui, cheeseburger, chipped beef, chopped steak, club steak, corned beef sandwich, cubed steak, Dagwood sandwich, ...

Eating bacon in your dream means continuing prosperity in your life. Rancid bacon is a suggestion to see a doctor. Cooking bacon in your dream augurs a surprise or gift that will please you very much.
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BACON earning a living
BACTERIA bad things which are too small to see
BAD not as good as an alternative
BAD not doing as is wished
BADGE a deep commitment
BADGE measure of your regard
BADGER pun= badgering people ...

A fridge symbolizes your stomach as it is located in the kitchen (digestive system) and is used to temporarily hold food. For example, to dream of moldy bacon in a fridge shows that your digestive system cannot digest bacon properly. See Kitchen.

griddle someone in a flap; sizzling affair. Whose has had their 'bacon cooked'?
grief expressing your grief; letting it flow through your body; sorrow about the past. Who are you still mourning?

Pork: If you eat pork in your dreams, you will encounter real trouble,but if you only see pork, you will come out of a conflict victoriously.
- See Bacon.

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