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Basket Dreams
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A basket is often used to hold and carry food, so a basket in a dream symbolizes the way in which you manage your emotional resources.

A basket in your dream is symbolic of happiness, but only if it is full. Baskets represent different seasons. It is also important to pay particular attention to what is inside of the basket.

Dreaming of a basket symbolizes the material body. It also represents the things that you are holding onto.
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To dream of seeing or carrying a basket, signifies that you will meet unqualified success, if the basket is full; but empty baskets indicate discontent and sorrow.
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To dream that you are playing basketball indicates that you will need the cooperation of others to achieve your goals. To see a basketball in your dream suggests that you need to make the first move in a situation.

Laundry basket
In general:
Laundry basket of dirty laundry is understood as a laundress.
If she cleans laundry, you will successfully defend themselves against slander.

bucket or basket
Containing, controlling, holding, reining in, or restraining, as a bucket or basket does to whatever is inside it
Inclusion, or including things all together
A process of carrying, taking, bringing, assisting, or helping ...

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Dream Interpretation Basket
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future. These are the major reasons why we want to learn about Dream Interpretation, Analysis and the Meaning of Dreams.

When ever i seem to be playing basketball or pool or any other activity, i do an outstanding job until it is mentioned by a peer or i realize this myself. Then i start failing miserably.

Basket :
If you saw an empty or destroyed basket you are too careless. If the basket was full you will get new opportunities.
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Basketball - Ideal, goal; Game: How you pursue your goals in life
Bat - Negative / angry mind; Baseball: male side controls attitude to life or subject matter of dream.
Bath, Bathtub - Uterus, Elimination; Plug hole: Cervix, Elimination.

A dream about a basket can be a warning from your unconscious that you might lose something if you aren't careful.
If you dream that you are making a basket, your unconscious might be telling you that you need to try to fix a problem that you have with a friend or family member.

Basket-symbolic of carrying a burden, Ps. 81:6. A basket can be symbolic of blessing and prosperity if you are carrying good fruit ...

Basket- life's provision. (Matt 10, 15:37, 16:9)

Bathing-Cleansing: Sanctification; repentance; temptation.

basket a time for gathering, holding, or storing; you have been carrying something long enough; you scored! Who is the 'basket case'?

As a symbol that allows us to carry and store items, the basket can hold the key to what you are carrying that may need to be released. Most baskets are woven - symbolizing the intricacies of our insecurities.

To dream that you are playing basketball, indicates that you will need the cooperation and assistance of others in order to achieve your goals. Perhaps you are standing in the way of your own progress and need to ask for help.

Definition For:
A basket filled with fruit or bread speaks of good things. Blessings and provision. An empty basket speaks of lack and a curse. A good example of this contrast is found in: ...

To dream of basketball represents a struggle to use power to achieve goals or control a situation. A basketball game reflects different aspects of your personality or life that are at odds over influential choices.

A dream of holding or trying to fill a basket can represent what you feel you have and still need in order to make your life complete. If you are carrying a basket to someone else, you are offering what you have to another.
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A dream where there is a full basket in a dream symbolizes sharing, abundance and fruition. To put things into a basket suggests that you are aspiring or trying to learn ..Read more →
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Good business to ventures. Plenty of money. Pliability and craftsmanship.
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Basket - A symbol of the feminine characteristics of your psyche. A basket full of fruit may represent well-being. An empty basket may represent personal feelings of emptiness. It may also represent things you are holding onto.
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A basket is symbolic of our talents. If it is full we are reaching our potential. If we are attempting to fill the basket we are seeking to reach our potential. Obviously, the less full the basket, the more we need to push harder.
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Collect Collecting
We can dream of collecting evidence, or for research, collecting money, facts, dreams or almost anything - collection of memories. But whatever it is you are collecting it points to something that has special relevance to you or your innermost feelings.

To see a basket in your dream, symbolizes the material body. It also represents the things that you are holding onto.
To dream that you are playing basketball, indicates that you will need the cooperation and assistance of others in order to achieve your goals.

(Eggs in a basket or a place.) Eggs represent the element of prosperity, or the fear of depleting one's riches. Eggs in a dream also represent marriage for an unmarried person and children for a married one. If one's chicken lay eggs for him in a dream, it means a new born in his family.

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Some are simple and borrowed from daily life, like basketball or Monopoly. Other games in dreams are bizarre, incredible, totally unrealistic, and some are even sadistic. To interpret the dream you must consider its greater context and your emotional reactions in it.

Basket of figs means fertility and represents a woman as a goddess or mother. Associated with the vine as a place of peace and tranquility, as well as with the breast "; tree with many breasts "; In Buddhism, it is a sacred Bo tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment.

To dream of seeing your business partner with a basket of crockery on his back, and, letting it fall, gets it mixed with other crockery, denotes your business will sustain a loss through the indiscriminate dealings of your partner.

Crow Mother Kachina:While kachinas are walking upon the earth during the winter and summer solstices, The Crow Mother makes her appearance with a basket of sprouts symbolizing the miracle of seed germination in the midst of winter.

Then Joseph said, This is the sense of your dream: the three baskets are three days;
Compare Joseph's dream interpretation in jail
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Popular Expressions: A nest egg; Put all your eggs in one basket; Egg on your face
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