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To dream that you are playing basketball indicates that you will need the cooperation of others to achieve your goals. To see a basketball in your dream suggests that you need to make the first move in a situation.

When ever i seem to be playing basketball or pool or any other activity, i do an outstanding job until it is mentioned by a peer or i realize this myself. Then i start failing miserably.

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Sports, Games, and Ball.

Basketball - Ideal, goal; Game: How you pursue your goals in life
Bat - Negative / angry mind; Baseball: male side controls attitude to life or subject matter of dream.

Basketball-symbolic of the game of life. If the defenders are taller than you it symbolizes a spiritual struggle. If you are playing well it symbolizes a good season in your life ...

To dream that you are playing basketball, indicates that you will need the cooperation and assistance of others in order to achieve your goals. Perhaps you are standing in the way of your own progress and need to ask for help.

To dream of basketball represents a struggle to use power to achieve goals or control a situation. A basketball game reflects different aspects of your personality or life that are at odds over influential choices.

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It was about like my step dad playing Basketball and me being at a basketball game with my mom in her friends living room or something. Then my mom gave me this gift in a box. I opended it and there was like a baby in there.

Some are simple and borrowed from daily life, like basketball or Monopoly. Other games in dreams are bizarre, incredible, totally unrealistic, and some are even sadistic.

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A dream that you are playing a team sport, such as football, baseball, or basketball, can mean that you want to be part of a group.

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Dreams  Basket  Bass voice

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