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Bath Dreams
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In real life, we take baths in order to cleanse ourselves physically. Taking a bath in a dream symbolizes cleansing the emotions or the soul.

A warm is generally significant of evil. A cold, clear is the fore-runner of joyful tidings and a long period of excellent health. Bathing in a clear sea, denotes expansion of business and satisfying research after knowledge.
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What does it mean if you dream about taking a bath, or about situations happening in the bathroom?

To go in bathing with others, evil companions should be avoided. Defamation of character is likely to follow. If the water is muddy, evil, indeed death, and enemies are near you.

A bath can represent your uterus. This is because water represents life and a bath is a vessel that holds water. For the same reason a bath drain can represent your cervix.

Dream Dictionary
To dream of a vapor , you will have fretful people for companions, unless you dream of emerging from one, and then you will find that your cares will be temporary.

Dreams About Bath
What do dreams about bath mean?
For a young person to dream of taking a bath, means much solicitude for one of the opposite sex, fearing to lose his good opinion through the influence of others.

To take a in a river means you will get a nice surprise. In a lake, you can get problems. In the ocean, you will get rich. Together with others, a friend will need your help. See possibly swim, swimming pool, bathing pool and water.

If the bath was empty, it is a warning against decisions made or actions carried out in anger.

: For a young person to dream of taking a , means much solicitudefor one of the opposite sex, fearing to lose his good opinion throughthe influence of others.
For a pregnant woman to dream this, denotes miscarriage or accident.

If we are dreaming of taking a bath it infers we are in need of some form of cleansing, usually the spiritual kind.

wash away those annoyances; submerge yourself in those unwanted emotions and let them drain away; baptism may be indicated; 'white-washing' a shameful act or urge. How are you being born again?

Water being a universal symbol for life, to immerse yourself in a warm, pleasant bath can mean that your life is about to take a turn for the better.

The room is a room where you ‘come clean’ when you feel dirty, and is often the setting of a dream when you need to 'release' something you are holding, reflecting your inability to make a necessary change.

To dream that you are taking a bath, signifies a cleansing of your outer and inner self and a washing away of difficult times. This dream may also be symbolic of ridding yourself of old ideas, notions, opinions, and other negativities.

Vapor (Sauna)
To dream of a Sauna, or vapor , you will be surrounded by bickering, fretful people in your business world. If you see someone else leaving the then your cares will be few and short lived.
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Vapor bath (Sauna)
Dream interpretation - Vapor bath (Sauna)
To dream of a Sauna, or vapor bath, you will be surrounded by bickering, fretful people in your business world. If...

To dream of a vapor , you will have fretful people for companions, unless you dream of emerging from one, and then you will find that your cares will be temporary.
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dream interpretation
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Taking a bath in a dream may represent your need to undergo some form of cleansing.

may occur along with the room and then has often no additional significance. In ancient dream books partly, but still considered, there is material from which the pan;
- after that, a zinc tub restrictions in material terms, ...

Bath - Confronting feelings of guilt; cleansing. Getting rid of negative attitudes.
Bathrobe - Covering up feelings of guilt, negative attitudes.

or bathing: A cleansing or release. What do you want to wash away?
room: The place of cleansing. What are you ready to let go of?
battle: A conflict or struggling with something. Are you at war with something, someone, or with yourself?

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The image of a bath or bathroom occurs particularly before decisive turning-points in the dreamer's life. The water in the dream bath symbolizes spiritual energy.
Sorrows and calamities from evil works are against you when you dream of bats.

1. cleansing and freeing from old ideas Cayce (900-189). 2. a cleansing and strengthening of the outer self, which should not be confused with the inner strengthening that comes from God Cayce (900-110).

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Maybe the Bath county art show. So, dad announces that we are going to drive to Oklahoma in order to see some art Anne Weede, a neighbor, has made.

Example dream : A cold dream linked to the dreamers girlfriend wanting to cool down the relationship.
Example dream : A dream about a cold street corner linked to an argument which the dreamer had just had with a friend.

Washing If you dream of washing yourself in a bath, shower or pond, you need time to yourself to relax from a recent period of emotional stress. Watch To see a watch in your dream signifies luck and prosperity.

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It was an fully river surface and full greenery beautiful environment, i went to take bath in river and i finished and with that wet cloth i came and sat on near by one big rock which is mid of the river, and its a flowing water too, ...

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