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Your inner thoughts or relationship within yourself
(Adults) Your romantic relationship, especially communication and emotional intimacy within a relationship ...

Bed Dreams
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A bed is a place where you go to relax and to sleep after a long, hard day, so a bed in a dream symbolizes rest and relaxation.

Dreaming of being in bed may be an indication of a lucid dream event. This means that you are aware of being asleep in a dream state. Somehow, your mind is accepting the limitations of your sleeping condition.

Your inner thoughts or relationship within yourself
(Adults) Your romantic relationship, especially communication and emotional intimacy within a relationship
Security and safety, especially emotional ...

A bed, clean and white, denotes peaceful surcease of worries. For a woman to dream of making a bed, signifies a new lover and pleasant occupation.

A bed can be a sort of spiritual sanctuary and a sense of purity. It is the site of regeneration, love, death and birth.
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Dreaming of your bed represents your intimate self and discovery of your sexuality. If you are sleeping in your own bed, then it indicates security and restoration of your mind. You are looking for domestic bliss and peace.

To dream that you are sleeping on a bed in the open air, foretells that you will have delightful experiences, and opportunity for improving your fortune.

A bed can symbolize your reproductive system since most procreation takes place in one.

Tanning bed
If you dream of lying in a tanning bed, it represents your wish to take shortcuts in achieving your goals. You are impatient about something, possibly related to improving yourself. Also see "Suntan." ...

Bed either is sexual, referring to your relationship, or about energy and needing to rest.

In practice bed dreams link to all kinds of personal contexts. One dreamer in our studies had been thinking about someone she had really got to know - the dream symbolized her growing insight into him.

Wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) is a method developed by Daniel Love which requires a person to go to sleep extremelly tired and wake up after five hours.
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Dream Interpretation Bed Fellow
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future.

Bed :
If you were lying on a bed outdoors you will get a lot of success.

A bed which fills the whole room means that the dreamer awards sexuality too much significance in his life. The reverse is true when the bed is too small or too narrow.
Bees ...

If you dream that you are sleeping on a bed in the outdoors this foretells much success in your endeavors.

Dream interpretation - Bed-chamber
To see one newly furnished, a happy change for the dreamer. Journeys to distant places, and pleasant companions.... Continue dream interpretation - Bed-chamber"continue dream interpretation ...

Bed-a place of intimacy, Heb. 13:4, rest, or privacy, 2 Kings 6:12. If a person is sick in bed it can symbolize a sinful lifestyle, Ezek. 23:17. A fragrant, clean bed is symbolic of righteous living, Prov. 7:17 ...

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Dreams whereby we are going to bed alone suggest we are missing something. This not necessarily only apply to a person or love.

bed (single) you are strong enough to do it on your own but don't forget you do have friends; a desire for intimacy or a relationship; planting flowers. How might this symbolize your desire for more independence?

Bed Fellow: To dream that you do not like your bed fellow, foretells thatsome person who has claims upon you, will censure and makeyour surroundings unpleasant generally.

A dream about wetting the bed suggests the need to express yourself more freely. It can also imply lack of control and anxiety.

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This is one of the most valued pieces of furniture. It's where we sleep, rest, restore our minds and bodies and engage in sexual pleasure. The bed is symbolic of all of these things.

Bed - A bridge bewteen your conscious and unconscious self. May symbolize a need to investigate, or acknowledge those aspects that have not be perviously attended to. An unkept bed may symbolize an urgent need to address such aspects.

I was in bed and around 4am in the morning I had a vision of an angel hovering over me. It was luminous and had its wings spread wide apart. It look so beautiful and beaming with light.

A strange bed forecasts an upturn in business affairs. Your own bed promises security, and making a bed suggests that you should expect some unexpected visitors.
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If it is a bed cover, it can represent how you ‘cover’ up your sexual feelings. If you are taking cover during an air raid, some part of you is feeling insecure about your aspirations and ability to achieve them.

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In the example below the man is wrestling with his desire for pleasure and his sense of commitment; but also, whether he will keep his pleasure for himself, or share it with his wife. See: Example in contraceptive; bed wetting ...

Before You Go To Bed:
Tell yourself: "I will remember my dreams in the morning"
Practice recalling your previous dreams from nights before
Be prepared to record your dreams (ex. pen or recorder at side table) ...

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