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Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements.
For an officer, it brings obedient subjects and healthful environments.
To a preacher, many new members and a praying congregation.

For an officer, it brings obedient subjects and healthful environments.
Bees ...

Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements. That you are as 'Busy as a bee'.
For an officer, it brings obedient subjects and healthy environments.
To a preacher, many new members and a praying congregation.
To business men, increase in trade.

Bees :
Bees symbolize luck, and promise good for everything you do. If you get stung you can expect a period of varying luck. You might also use too much energy on solving insignificant problems.

To see bees in your dream, signifies good luck, harmony, and pleasure. Bees are also symbolic of hard work and labor.
If you are stung by a bee, then it denotes that you will meet loss or injury from a friendly source.

These busy creatures are a forerunner of great good fortune in business matters, even if they stung you. However, if they were dead or listless, or if you killed them, you could suffer a loss by putting too much trust in friends.

BEES AND WASPS - A snake stings like bees and wasps. But a snake is a much more formidable foe. A snake therefore links to more serious problems. To read more CLICK HERE ...

Seeing bees in your dream is much the same as the beehive with a small variation: Bees are a lucky dream and augers much good to the dreamer in all his endeavors, unless, ...

To see bees in your dream, symbolizes good luck, harmony, and bliss. Bees are also symbolic of work and industry as represented by the common phrase "busy as a bee." To dream that you are stung by a bee, signifies unexpected misfortune.

Bumble bees
Dream interpretation - Bumble bees
A bumble bee is not a very good omen in a dream as most people associate the bumble bee with pain... Continue dream interpretation - Bumble bees"continue dream interpretation ...

Bees/HornetsBees are very fertile and productive. Dreaming of bees may be telling you that you are working harmoniously with others.

Bees are also symbolic of industry - "busy bees" - so a dream about bees can be a message that you need to work harder at something.
Taking care of a beehive in a dream represents taking care of your resources.

Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, and are known for their role in pollination and for producing honey and beeswax.

Activity. Productivity. Social life. Happiness in life. Success in love. Good earnings. Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements.
Birds ...

Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements.
This is a sign of bad management and unless economical you shall lose much of your property.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
Consider the details of this dream, as well as your emotional reactions in it, as bees can have a variety of different connotations.

Bees in dreams represent productivity, hard work, discipline and the energy that is created by large groups. Because they stay close to their hives when a storm is coming, they can represent prudence. Bees may also symbolize immortality and rebirth.

Matching Terms:
Obeseness, obesity, obesity diet, obesity hypoventilation syndrome ...

Dreaming of Bees
Working with Animal Totems with Dreams and Meditation

Bees - successful work.
Birds - if flying high, good luck. If flying low, bad luck. If singing, success.
Boat - a fortunate journey.
Book - sought-after wisdom is within reach.
Bread - material well-being.

Example dream : Bees in one dream were associated with the need to be busy - the dreamer was thinking about his own need to step up his pace and achieve in life ...

dreamnt of many bees they were on me but didn't sting ..
About Dreamhawk ...

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A dream featuring bees or a beehive suggests that you have hurt others or been hurt by harsh words. If there is a swarm of bees in the dream then ..Read more →

Bee-a swarm of bees can be a symbol of acting presumptuously against an overwhelming enemy, Ps. 118:12, Deut. 1:44
Beer-symbolic of brawling, Prov. 20:1
Beetles-a hard to kill problem ...

For example, consider a dream where a swarm of bees were chasing you, then you were suddenly talking with your mother, and then you were walking precariously on a rooftop.

Dream dictionary definition for  bumble bee: Bumble bees are generally not aggressive insects, unless their colonies are attacked.

Biting bugs, such as bees, reflect concerns about people or situations in waking life that can cause emotional injury. Maggots represent death. Leaches represent people who "suck the life" out of us.

See also related symbols: Dance, January, Baking, Asparagus, White Lead, Carrot, Furnace, Ashes, Bladder, Ladle, Music, Hives, Idiot, Disgrace, Mare, Jolly, Offspring, Wet Nurse, Brood, Beans, Ropes, Oven, Chastise, Bees, Janitor, Estate, Rabbit, ...

Pleasant dreams involving bees mean you are well-organized to succeed in a project. If you dream of being stung by a bee, a group of people is making you uncomfortable in real life.
Beeper ...

Associated with the ‘birds and bees,’ honey can symbolize the 'sticky, but sweet' nature of sexuality. Honey is also a symbol of reward for embarking in a new direction. See also Cream.
Horse ...

To see a horse in human flesh, descending on a hammock through the air, and as it nears your house is metamorphosed into a man, and he approaches your door and throws something at you which seems to be rubber but turns into great bees, ...

Hey, I had a weird dream last night, I was walking with a friend of mine into the swimming pool, and there we found 4 wierd looking bees flying around, one of them flew on my arm, and stung me, I felt the pain, ...

to be rubber but turns into great bees, denotes miscarriage
of hopes and useless endeavors to regain lost valuables.
To see animals in human flesh, signifies great advancement to the dreamer, ...

To dream of a bee can be a forewarning of some pain in the future. A swarm of bees attacking us implies we might be creating a situation where others are waiting to "sting" us.
Beetle ...

The attributes of certain insects can be used to represent what is going on. For example, bees, though communal, are individually self-sacrificing.

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