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Dreams of betrayal and infidelity are very common in troubled relationships. It's a clear sign of insecurity, that the dreamer does not feel comfortable with the trust in the relationship.

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Spiders are betrayal from someone you trust hun. I suspect your ex was doing more than just partying with the guys that night you had the dream.

Betrayal in general: Dreaming about committing the exceptionally bad and forbidden act of adultery means betrayal. If the dreamer sees himself doing so in a dream, it means that he will betray his partner*.

Dreams of betrayal in a romantic relationship typically represent emotional feelings of insecurity, or literal fears of infidelity.

To dream of betrayal, reflects your fear of being betrayed by your friend. You have feelings of insecurity in your walking relationship. Consider the person who betrayed you in your dream.
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All dreams of betrayal should be studied closely in connection with the entire dream to find out just who or what to expect betrayal from.

To dream that you have been betrayed, represents your suspicions about a particular person, relationship or situation in real life.
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betrayal there is a part of yourself you are not living up to; revealing secrets; an issue of trust; time for forgiveness. How are you feeling betrayed?

If you dream that you betray your spouse or partner, or that they betray you, you could be feeling insecure or suspicious in waking life. Such a dream can also mean that you are repressing anger against that person.

Actual betrayals may recur. Suspicions often played out with this theme. May be precognitive in both respects. Represents both love mates, friends and business.

Betrayal - Unconsciously giving up information to the conscious mind that was previously repressed. Having been betrayed may represent your suspicions about a particular person, relationship or situation.

Feeling of betrayal or deprivation of information, social connection or other social aspects
Feeling or fear of isolation or abandonment by others or by the world
see also: blind eyesight vision
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Example dream : A dream where the dreamers ex husband attacks her was linked to his betrayals and abuse.
Example dream : A zombie attack dream was linked to the dreamer trying to cope with feelings of boredom in her relationship.

Threat of cancer, betrayal
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Violence. Fear of betrayal. Need to be more trusting.
Performance. Presentation. Need for recognition. Ready to show yourself to the world.

Dream Meaning #2: Betrayal and passivity in your life
Yellow snakes represent cowardice, betrayal. The dream could mean that someone is betraying you or that you are betraying your own ideals by acting a certain way in your waking life.

Fear of sabotage or betrayal. Feeling a lack of trust for someone in your life, or feeling like people or things are against you or not supporting you.
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Kiss - betrayal or self-betrayal.
Knife - put all anger aside.
Lamp - be prudent.
Luggage - an unanticipated move to a new, but smaller, home.
Mirror - betrayal.
Monkey - someone near is not to be trusted.

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Blood showing on the white fleece of a lamb, denotes that innocent ones will suffer from betrayal through the wrong doing of others. A lost lamb, denotes that wayward people will be under your influence, and you should be careful of your conduct.

It may indicate betrayal and untrustworthiness. If the dog is dead or dying, then it indicates a loss of a good friend. Alternatively, it represents a deterioration of your instincts.

To dream that you are cheating on your spouse, mate, or significant other, suggests feelings of self-guilt and self-betrayal. You may have compromised your beliefs or integrity and/or wasting your energy and time on fruitless endeavours.

If you are kicked by this little animal, it shows that you are carrying on illicit connections, from which you will suffer much anxiety from fear of betrayal.

I was talking to my sister who started to sell cookies and I looked over at my boyfriend who was talking to one of the girls who bought a cookie and I instantly got a feeling of betrayal and jealousy so I called him over and he heard me but didn't ...

A dream about an affair may be interpreted as feelings about infidelity or betrayal and failure. This dream could also mean being and feeling alone in a relationship.

Alternatively, it indicates self-betrayal of your subconscious. You may find yourself entangled in a situation that is not in your best interest, perhaps even illegal.

If the dreamer is the one being unfaithful, then he is dealing with feelings of guilt over an apparent betrayal.
2. If an actual lover is the one being unfaithful, then this indicates the dreamer's insecurities over the relationship.

A rat can also symbolize betrayal as in being ratted on.
While rear can be about the past (what is behind you), it is also a pun on rearing. This can either be about your childhood and events back then or about you raising children.

Kiss - coming into agreement; covenant; seductive process; enticement; deception, betrayal; betrayal from a trusted friend
Christmas - gifts; season of rejoicing; spiritual gifts; surprise; good will; benevolence; commercialism ...

"I've just been told that snakes in dreams represent betrayal and it makes sense to me. Besides, I'm really scared of snakes. I hate them. We have a lot on our farm and they freak me out." "So they make you feel vulnerable?"
"Yes! Very!"
"Why?" ...

To notice the presence of a white kitten in your dream suggests betrayal and trouble.
To see non-white or soiled kittens in your dream warns of possible problems in your future.
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To dream of using blotting paper, signifies you will be deceived into the betrayal of secrets which will seriously involve a friend.
Blotting Paper
To see worn blotting paper, denotes continued disagreements in the home or among friends.

To dream of kissing an enemy represents betrayal, hostility, or reconciliation.
To dream of not liking someone kissing you represents unwanted praise or appoval.

Rodentstop list
Distrust; betrayal, dirty dealing
Roller Skatestop list
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To dream of using blotting paper, signifies you will be deceived
into the betrayal of secrets which will seriously involve a friend.
To see worn blotting paper, denotes continued disagreements in the home
or among friends.

To see serpents crawling in the grass before you, betrayal and cruel insinuations will fill you with despair.
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Something that is not right or a betrayal of trust. It can also refer to a sense of abandonment, or not being attended to. Sometimes when there isn't enough romance in a relationship this image can show up.

Yellow: A bright yellow color represents "sunniness," joy, optimism, and intuition and mental stimulation. Muddier shades of yellow may mean blocked intuition, betrayal, treachery, and faithlessness.

  Dreaming of having x-ray vision denotes your ability or desire to 'see through' another person.  It can indicate feelings of betrayal or deception that you are now getting a clear picture of.

So it only makes sense that our subconscious would also try to evaluate our relationships during our sleeping hours. Our psyche may be looking for signals of love or warnings of betrayal.

on her way through a tempestuous storm, foretells that you will be unfortunate in business transactions, and you will be perplexed to find means of hiding some intrigue from the public, as your partner in the affair will threaten you with betrayal.

He rapidly rises to prominence and power and undergoes a triumphant struggle with the powers of evil. Eventually he falls victim to the sin of pride (hubris) and his fall through betrayal or a heroic sacrifice results in his death.

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