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This a big entry and is in three parts, the general first part. The second Bird Situations - and the third Different Birds.

Birds in a dream can represent:
'Soaring' to new heights
Singing birds are harbingers of good luck.
What type of bird is it?
Robin - spring, rebirth, renewal
Blue Jay - Curiosity, communication, intelligence
Owl - wisdom, mysticism ...

The visual acuity of many birds (i.e. the eyes of a hawk) also conveys positive perceptions, while ravens and owls are also stereotyped as vessels of wisdom in myth and literature.

To dream of feeding birds with birdseed, suggests that you are nourishing your higher, spiritual qualities. Alternatively, you may be feeling unrewarded (or not well enough rewarded) for your efforts.

To dream of flying birds, represents joy, prosperity, and harmony.
To see birds hatching in your dream denotes that your prospects will brighten after a period of difficulties.

Canary Birds
Dream Dictionary
To dream of this sweet songster, denotes unexpected pleasures.

Birds robed in black do not give up their secrets easily. They love to watch us marvel over their messages.

The birds in your dreams may be a premonition of something to come, or merely a way to make your more aware of your life and proposals for what the future holds.

Two nights ago a dream I had started out with me Flying/hovering over a massive body of water, possibly the ocean, (darker water)with hundreds of greyish colored birds (type of bird unknown to me) just calmly sitting/floating in the water (alive), ...

Dream Interpretation Birds
It is a favorable dream to see birds of beautiful plumage. A wealthy and happy partner is near if a woman has dreams of this nature.

Birds are generally considered a most fortunate dream omen, especially if they are brightly colored, singing and/or flying.

Birds Nest
Dream interpretation - Birds Nest
To see an empty bird�s nest, denotes gloom and a dull outlook for business. With eggs in the nest, good results will... Continue dream interpretation - Birds Nest"continue dream interpretation ...

birdseed symbol in dream
Dreamed about birdseed. What does it mean?
For more dream interpretations and dream meanings, please refer to our Dream Dictionary. Some of our top dream symbols include: ...

Birds often symbolize goals or ideals as they are something we usually have to look up to. This is true even if the bird in the dream is on the ground or dead.

Birds Birds are regarded as originating from certain families of reptiles: "They of the long necks in the water, became the progenitors of the fowls of the air. . . .

To dream of feeding birds with much birdseed promises a very large income in the near future, and if you are spreading it around on the ground, your business will 'take root' and grow.

Birds - Birds are complicated symbols that can hold a variety of different meanings. To dream of a bird or birds flying, can represent freedom, either physical, emotional, or psychological.

In ancient times birds were seen as the symbol of freedom. They were the vehicle by which the soul was taken to heaven. Thus, to dream of a bird generally is acquainted with either a desire for freedom or a current sense of freedom.

Birds: It is a favorable dream to see birds of beautiful plumage.
A wealthy and happy partner is near if a woman has dreamsof this nature.

Canary Birds To dream of this sweet songster, denotes unexpected pleasures.

Birds in dreams are associated with freedom, hopes, dreams, and plans for the future "taking flight," as well as family issues, especially when a nest is involved.

Birds are generally a good sign if they have nice colors, fly and sing. Dead birds can mean a period of disappointments and worries. If the bird is in a cage you do not have enough freedom, or you do not let another person have enough freedom.

Flying birds are a sign of prosperity to the dreamer. Feelings of freedom, liberation from weight of responsibilities.
Boa ...

Birds live in the air, the world of the pure intellect. Birds in a dream symbolize intellectual matters.
Birth ...

Birdseed - Nourishment for the spiritual/creative self. May indicate insufficient rewards for your efforts.

Songbirds are a universal symbol for happy news, especially if they are brightly colored and/or singing. If they are flying, then your life is going to definitely take a turn for the better.

To see birds hatching in your dream, symbolizes delayed success.
To see a bird nest in your dream, symbolizes independence, refuge and security. You need something to fall back on.

[136] See Birds' Nest.
To dream of ensnaring anything with a net, denotes that you will be
unscrupulous in your dealings and deportment with others.

*Please See Birds. TOP
To dream of having a career represents your preoccupation with doing something all the time. All of your life revolving around a task or project. Becoming accustomed to a predominant or long-term situation.

Seeing hummingbirds in your dream, suggests that small ideas/concepts may possess much potential and power. Alternatively, it indicates your flighty thoughts and frivolous ideas. It may be a metaphor for your inability to commit to a relationship.

Birds - if flying high, good luck. If flying low, bad luck. If singing, success.
Boat - a fortunate journey.
Book - sought-after wisdom is within reach.
Bread - material well-being.

Baby Bake Bald Bananas Bar/Pub Basement Bat Bath Bathroom Battle Beard Bears Beaver Bed Bees Bicycle Birds Birth Blindness Blood Boat Body ...

Bird - To see birds in your dream, symbolize your goals, aspirations and hopes. To dream of chirping and/or flying birds, represent joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance, and love. It denotes a sunny outlook in life.

To dream of seeing birds' nests, denotes that you will be interested in an enterprise which will be prosperous. For a young woman, this dream foretells change of abode.
To see an empty nest, indicates sorrow through the absence of a friend.

EAGLE birds link with the future - premonitions or anticipation of news
EAGLE power and ambition
EAR listen carefully
EAR waiting for news
EARTH down to earth
EARTH great mother comfort
EARTH the real world ...

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These cultures claimed that man communicated with interaction with nature such as birds (trees and other animals as well).
Chicken: Can often be linked with "being chicken" or afraid to do something.

the sequence moved and then i saw hundreds of owls ,galahs and assorted birds flying over water,i was watching from a balcony of some type of luxury apartment.

Dreaming of a chirping and/or flying birds, represents joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance, and love. It means a sunny outlook in life. You will experience spiritual freedom and psychological liberation.

Dream dictionary definition for magpie: Magpies are highly intelligent birds and one of the only species of birds able to recognize themselves in a mirror.  Thus, dreaming of a magpie represents intelligence and self-recognition.

To dream of a cage in which many birds are flying about or roosting on perches foretells an inheritance of a large sizable family. If there is only one bird in the cage, the dream is a good one for a woman, for she will marry to her great advantage.

'In dreaming cultures, you are encouraged to explore your personal relationship with other guardian animals and birds. They may come to you in dreams as messengers or helpers.

Also, based on the way that hummingbirds can hover in one place, hummingbird can mean you're actually making progress even when it seems you're stuck, or that you're in a natural lull or rest period and you'll begin making progress again soon.

To see the wings of fowls or birds, interpret that you will finally overcome adversity and rise to wealthy degrees and honor.
Winter ...

To see a flock of birds in your dream, represents a lack of objectivity in your decision-making and thinking process.
*Please See Beating.

Light or airy
Flying or flight
Playfulness, fun, or color
Characteristics or symbolism of birds
Dust, dusting or housework (as in a feather duster or feather pillows)
A by-product, or something previously used but no longer needed ...

Nearly universal, sleep is observed in all mammals, all birds, and many reptiles, amphibians, and fish, though the variation in amount of sleep is staggering.

To dream of a bunch of daisys, implies sadness, but if you dream of being in a field where these lovely flowers are in bloom, with the sun shining and birds singing, happiness, ...

If they were animal wings, look up birds. Superstition based dream interpretation books say that if you hear gentle flopping of wings you will hear good news.

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