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Blankets, woven to decorate the house, as clothing and heating source, were also often used in ceremonies.
There were each special blankets.

Blankets in your dream means treachery if soiled. If new and white, success where failure is feared, and a fatal sickness will be avoided through unseen agencies.
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Dreaming of a blanket, symbolizes warmth, love, security and protection. You may be seeking for some form of shelter from the outside world.

Blankets in your dream means treachery if soiled. If new and white, success where failure is feared, and a serious sickness will be avoided through unseen agencies.

Example dream : A dream drinking coco under a blanket linked to the dreamer having a horrible fight with her boyfriend. She wanted to make up and explain how the argument made her feel. The blanket was symbolic of her feeling sorry for herself.

Another twist to it was we had a baby wrapped up in a baby light blue blanket which had dark hair and obliviously was a boy. She was wearing a black top and light blue jeans.

If you dream of clean blankets, you will have success where you feared failure, and you will avoid getting sick. Seeing dirty blankets in your dream means treachery.
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Blanket-symbolic of a love for others or covering mistakes, Acts 9:36
Blast furnace-a hard life, worldly living, a person’s life be­fore Christ, Jer. 11:4
Bleach-complete cleansing ...

blanket something is being covered up; a broad statement to cover the whole thing. Who is your 'security blanket' and are you taking them with you everywhere?

To see a blanket in your dream, symbolizes warmth, love, security and protection. You may be seeking for some form of shelter from the outside world.

A blanket relates to the need for comfort and security. The idea of 'keeping warm' might have a message about feeling a type of 'coolness' in your current atmosphere.

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Blanket - Covering up some aspect or emotion. A desire for warmth and attention from others. Wrapped in a blanket may suggest a fear of the unknown, aspects within the unconscious or events in your waking life.

Blanket bed cover 1. the "cover" or mode of conduct in the home Cayce (900-142). 2.

Comfort, warmth or protection. There are links in dreams with romance or sexuality. Some people use a duvet or comforter to withdraw when things feel depressing or unhappy. See: blanket.

we got to my room and there was only a mattress on the middle of the floor and a small blanket that we bought together.

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Does a mysterious person wear the cloak, or is it offered to the dreamer as a comforting blanket?

The presence of a quilt or a blanket in a dream often represents the dreamers need for reassurance and security. Especially if the quilt is one's childhood security blanket. Such a presence typically relates to a security need of some sort.
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Protection, as in a blanket protecting from the cold, which represents efforts to avoid harsh circumstances

The sky that abounds is a blanket of purity
Water with its clarifying and cleansing properties resonates purity
Birds were often symbolic vessels of purity as they exist at a higher vibration to live in the endless skies ...

Lying under a fleece blanket in a dream can mean that you have been experiencing too much stress, and you need to relax and have someone else take care of you and take on your responsibilities.

The idea of covering up, blanketing, hiding or obscuring what lies beneath.
See also: storm cold white avalanche snowflake snowman
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Dream dictionary definition for yarn: Yarn is a raw material used to make things like sweaters, scarfs, and blankets.  To see yarn in your dream could indicate creating something from scratch using raw materials.  ...

They are usually totally surrounding me and I try as best I can to get rid of them, usually by wrapping them up in a blanket or something and releasing them outdoors.

To others it means the comfort of night, the warmth of a snuggly black blanket that keeps you safe. Black is definitely a color that you need to look within yourself to find how you react to this color.

For example, if a security guard is trying to impress a group, it means that your security blanket is to impress others with your gift.

"; bruised & strange looking eyes and the blanket you did not want lifted, guy , hug, clung desperately, I didn't want her to leave, I was scared, crying, I told her I'd never forget her; her birthday.

The huge waves, World War Two bombers, and the floods depicting the huge emotional turnoils in facing a break up. The chocolate, the blanket and the hospital all symbols of comfort, and emotional healing.

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Dreams  Blank  Blasphemy

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