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The boss relationship can be translated from dreams in two ways:
1. A significant relationship from some other area of life-spouse, sibling, parent, or friend-may become your boss.

Dreaming of your boss represents the bossy or authoritative side of your own personality. Your boss may reveal self-confidence and the assertive aspect of yourself. It is telling of your issues of control and authority.

Example dream : A dream with the dreamers boss in linked to him thinking about some changes at work - his job had been divided up and he was wondering what this would mean in practice.

Dream Interpretation/In love or lust with my boss?
So I had a dream the other day. I'm sitting on a couch futon in a park with a male co-worker watching a movie.

To see your boss in your dream, represents the bossy or authoritative side of your own personality. This dream is telling of your issues of control and authority.

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Unfinished business with your own boss; feelings about authority; power or dominance and dependence or self-confidence issues. Dreaming about a past boss may suggest a way to handle a current situation.

Boss - A significant relationship from some other area of life-spouse, sibling, parent, or friend-may become your boss.

Boss-symbolic of authority. A boss may symbolize a parent, teacher, guardian, or supervisor
Bottle-symbolic of the need to keep information secret ...

Your boss in your dream can represent any authority figure, or the concept of authority itself.
When you see your boss in your dream, it can be a sign that you need guidance.

boss telling someone what to do; being irresponsible, and wanting someone else to make decisions for you; father indicated; overworking. How does your boss remind you of your father, and how is that causing you to act inappropriately?

Other people in our dreams are portraying us in some way. The boss often embodies your higher self as you explore the idea of self esteem that you have attributed to them.

Boss - An authority figure. Or, an attitude on your part of being 'too bossy'. Authoritative {masculine} side of your own personality {see anima/animus}. Dreaming that you are afraid of your boss indicates your fear of authority.

An ex-boss in a dream is a strong clue that the dream relates to a work or career issue in waking life. An ex-boss may reflect past unresolved issues on the job or a current boss or authority figure at work.

An employer or boss in a dream can represent an authority figure.
If you dream that you are the boss, it can mean that you want to take control over a situation.

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To see a beast in your dream, signifies foolishness and ignorance.

The name Boccia is derived from the Latin word for boss - bottia. The sport is competed at national and international level, by athletes who require a wheelchair because of physical disability.

InterruptionIn this dream, you and your lover are interrupted during the act of making love by someone you know (a friend, family member, your boss) or a complete stranger.

An example would be a teacher, boss or your parents; have you been rebelling against them or have you been respecting or honouring them in their place of authority?

I asked Dave, "Who do you think that female boss might represent?"
He smiled. After a little silence Dave said, "She is like that boss. She makes promises about change that never happen.

3. Dream about chocolate bar from my Boss : This dream was about the boss. Investigation revealed the dreamer was getting compliments and praise off her boss when she wanted higher wages.

It is a good sign to dream of being friendly with the boss, but it is also a warning against loafing... Continue dream interpretation - Boss"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Botany ...

I get this dream where im fighting people to defend my family and winning then in comes in like a boss and i hide as it looks for me i jump out and kill it then my dad gets two knifes and stabs in the shoulder blades after this it goes black and im ...

In waking life the man was noticing his boss intuitively making horrible decisons all the time to the point of bankrupting the company. It was as though his boss couldn't make a good decision even if he wanted to.

A van symbolizes your career. Other symbols in the same dream further refine the meaning. For example, to dream of your boss stealing your van warns that, despite appearance, your boss is not on your side in the workplace.
Vault ...

Examples include when a a boss fired you from a job, or when you were suspended from school, or when you were grounded (your process of going out was forcibly ended, and you might feel your social life had been "killed").

Those who are senior to you and have authority over you. They may be represented by your parents, boss, pastor or any other figure who is set over you in an administrative or spiritual position.
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Hostages in ones dream might also suggest that the dreamer is in some sort of disagreement between an employer and employees. For instance the boss, by keeping the struggle going without doing something about the issue, ...

This may be referring to their conversations with a particular person such as their significant other, boss, or friend; or can be generalized for people who are shy, to include almost everyone they come in contact with.

Many dreams revolve around work and jobs. What does it mean when you dream about work, a dream job, your boss or being an employee?
Dream Job
Dream Symbol Dictionary ...

  You could be feeling beneath someone in a certain situation, such as feelings of subordination to your parents or your boss.

A person who is experienced at lucid dreaming can actually set up scenarios with which to learn or solve problems in their lives. Did you want to try something but were afraid of injury or expenses? How about downhill skiing or asking your boss for a ...

If your relationship with him was strained, however, dreaming of him indicates trouble coming from authority figures, such as your boss.

and I started to scream and at that point I woke up.
I would appreciate any interpretations of my dream thank you:) as a side note I have been somewhat stressed about things at work a I recently had to file a complaint with the company about my boss.

Being chased by a killer dog, murderer or even a monster can translate unconsciously to your boss, parents or friends. These are just examples to give you a quick start to figure out the dream more clearly.

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