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Bowl Dreams
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A bowl in a dream represents receptiveness - the ability to accept new ideas.

Dreaming of a bowl symbolizes the womb and sense of security. Consider the condition of the bowl and how it is treated or handled in the dream. This may offer clues as to how you feel you are being treated in a particular relationship.

A bowl or any vessel that carries water can represent the uterus.
A mixing bowl represents the bowel because it is a pun on bowel and also because food stuffs are mixed in it.

To bathe your face and hands in a bowl of clear water, denotes that you will soon consummate passionate wishes which will bind you closely to some one who interested you, but before passion enveloped you.
Wash-bowl ...

Dream Dictionary
To dream of a wash-bowl, signifies that new cares will interest you, and afford much enjoyment to others.

A bowl is a vessel in which one carries things, in a dream it relates to what the dreamer carries in life relative to emotions.

bowl containing something; hold onto it; have a night out; feminine symbol of holding, and taking care of. What is threatening to bowl you over, or have you been knocked off your pins recently?

To see a bowl in your dream, symbolizes the womb and sense of security. Consider the condition of the bowl and how it is treated or handled in the dream.

A dream with a bowl symbolizes fertility and instinct. It suggests that you have the ability to see the wider view of something.
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To dream of a wash-bowl, signifies that new cares will interest you, and afford much enjoyment to others.

Golden bowl-symbolic of the prayers of the saints, Rev. 5:8
Golden Cup-symbolic of being used by God, Jer. 51:7
Golden image-to dream of a golden object may be symbolic of an idol in someone’s life, Ps. 106:19 ...

Bowl - May symbolize the womb in which case you need to look to new possibilities in your life. May represent areas of your life that provide sescurity.

Wash Bowl
To see a wash bowl in your dream, denotes a new interest resulting in much joy and contentment will occupy your time.

To see hair in the bowl of the soup, shows the avarice and greed you will suffer from somebody else.
Psychological Meanings: ...

I dreamt this: I am inside a temple with a group of 4-5 persons in a high security room having a big bowl of alchemy which we discovered and stressed that it should be put to good community use and not get into wrong hands and trying to be very ...

I had a dream about beautiful purple fish swimming in a bowl. The were kinda big like a coy and I saw my self looking at them. there were 2. then I saw that there was only 1 in the bowl and 2 in the potty. it was very weird.

The puppy can then jump into your arms and you can hug it or you can use the same imagery of your dream and create another bowl of fruit, this time with fresh, lovely, clean fruit which you can then eat and become the most powerful person on Earth.

Seeing a bowl of uncooked dough could also be a warning to watch out for the leaven. Jesus says it well in:
Matthew 16:6 "Then Jesus said to them, Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees." (GMR) ...

Example: A man dreamed of seeing whipped cream in a bowl with rotting strawberries. In waking life he was losing sexual attraction towards a woman he thought was perfect for him. TOP
Whirlpool ...

fab @ 2011-05-02 11:36:11
I had a dream there was a red spider crawling on a cereal bowl, then it got on my sister and I immediately killed it after that. What does this mean?

That night in a moment of weakness, she eats a big slice of cake, and a bowl of ice cream. That night she dreams of being on a farm on a cloudy day, and watching in disgust as a big manure covered sow eats and sucks non-stop at her sloop.

On the bush, in season, raspberries signify business and/or family unity; harvested or eaten from a bowl, they predict passing pleasures.
Dream Decoding 101 ...

Who prepared the food can also be an important detail to understanding what it means. For example, if there is a bowl of potato salad like Aunt Sally used to make and she has been dead for two years, Aunt Sally, or her personal influence, ...

It depends on what kind of fruit it is, but generally will sweet fruit symbolize something good and sour fruit will symbolize bad. If you dreamt about a bowl of fruit you might get rich.

If the toilet area is filthy or flooded, with the toilet bowl backed up or otherwise not functioning, difficulty "eliminating" emotions-a blockage-is indicated. Does the dreamer try to "control" his or her emotions too much?

If you seek God and find that the dream is from the devil, then just spit it out like a bone that you might find in your bowl of chicken soup. Jesus also ran into the devils along His journey here on earth.

If the fruit you picked was unripe, or over-ripe and spoiled, you will have a life of reasonable comfort but no luxury. Seeing a variety of fruit, such as a pretty bowl of mixed fruits, predicts great financial good fortune.

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Dreams  Bowing  Bowling

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