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Dreaming about your real-life boyfriend can mean he's on your mind for a particular reason right now. Pay attention to what's happening in the dream for cues about your thoughts and feelings toward your boyfriend or the relationship.

Dreaming of your boyfriend, represents your waking relationship with him and how you feel about him. Dreaming that your boyfriend is dead, indicates that something in your own Self that is no longer functional and is "dead".

Ex-Boyfriend - To see an old ex-boyfriend from childhood in your dream, refers to a freer, less encumbered relationship.

Ex-Boyfriend / Ex-Girlfriend
To dream about your ex suggests that something or someone in your current life is bringing out similar feelings to the ones you felt in the relationship with your ex.

To have a romantic dream about an ex-boyfriend portends sexual dissatisfaction. If an ex-boyfriend torments you persistently, try to isolate the offending presence and walk away toward sweeter dreams.

My boyfriend only has one sister. I can't tell what this could mean it was
Kate ...

A Boy Friend/Boyfriend in a dream can represent:
Special relationship / Effort
Yang energy / Influence
Yearning ...

To dream of a boyfriend is often a straightforward indicator of your uncertainty in relationships. Measure your level of cynicism by whether the boyfriend was romantic or adversarial.

Boyfriend And Girlfriend Dreams: Dream Dictionary and Dream Symbol Interpretations ...

If you dream of a specific person such as a boyfriend, you will need to concentrate more on the other symbols of your present dream as the boyfriend can represent several different aspects or people in your life.

boyfriend be a good friend to your masculine side; someone back in town; an inner, balancing point of view. Who is your new boyfriend?
bracelet let someone brace you up (brace-let); punishment. Who, or what, is handcuffing you?

To see your boyfriend in your dream, represents your waking relationship with him and how you feel about him. To dream that your boyfriend is dead, indicates that something in your own Self that is no longer functional and is "dead".

Boyfriend - May symbolize an actual relationship to a male figure in your life. For a woman it may symbolize the relationship to her masculine side. Incorporating masculine aspects without letting them rule creates balance.

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my boyfriend had recently moved away.. last night I had a dream that I moved into a new house with him and my family in a new place. we both were back in high school and we decided to skip and go back to the house to finally have sex.

Masculine ideal, either integrated or rejected. Something accepted or failed to accept within yourself.
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"My boyfriend found out about that I had cheated on him earlier in our relationship"[Dream Dictionary - asteroid crashes]
Meteors and asteroids may symbolise some truth which was not realised at first. E.g.

To see a boyfriend or girlfriend die in a dream symbolizes a helpful or protective aspect of your personality that has been overcome by a problem.

I dream of my boyfriend who passaway long time ago he even kiss me
zibuyile says: ...

Boy/Boyfriend To dream of a boy who you are crushing on in real life is usually just a straightforward reflection of your feelings for him.

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Next, all hell breaks loose and they start beating my boyfriend while I ran for cover.

I dreamt that my boyfriend/partner was in my brothers room playing on his computer and the door bell rang.

It was late October and my boyfriend, Lee, and I were staying at a cabin on a lake in the Adirondacks.

Dream dictionary definition for ex: Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-lover, etc. is often a way of processing the relationship.  Often there are things left unsaid, and hurts left unresolved.

This represents your emotional feelings of attachment towards your boyfriend. It can also represent the difficulties and struggles with sexual feelings connected with your boyfriend.

If it is stress under your control (your boyfriend) tell him to respect your wishes. Someone who does not respect you has no place in your life. If it is something you are choosing to do (go to college), then find ways to make the transition slowly.

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If the betrayal occurs in a business context, one may be concerned about being lied to or defrauded by a partner. Betrayal dreams often occur for years in the wake of actual betrayals by real life partners.

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Hen dreams can also be linked with being 'hen-pecked', especially for men for whom this phrase has been used towards in regards to husbands or boyfriends who are being told what to do all the time by their wives or girlfriends.

Are you thinking of breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but just do not know how to tell him or her? Do you want to ask your boss for a raise, but just aren't sure how to go about it?

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