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bright light dream symbol
bright light
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Hope, goodness, or assistance—especially when it appears in the darkness
Clarity or understanding, as in "shedding some light" on a particular subject ...

Brightness Dreams
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Brightness in a dream can symbolize wisdom or spirituality.

bright light
Hope, goodness, or assistance—especially when it appears in the darkness
Clarity or understanding, as in "shedding some light" on a particular subject
See also: fire illumination (light) lamp or light spiritual Light glowing laser ...

adroit, advanced, agile, aglow, alert, alight, alive, animate, animated, apt, astute, attentive, auspicious, awake, balmy, beaming, bedazzling, benign, benignant, blazing, bleached, blinding, blithe, blithesome, blooming, brainy, brave, bright and ...

In the dream I was lying on the floor in an upstair apartment with 2 bright windows, the place was a Victorian terrace style building. I was woken up in the dream by another person who told me that I am dead and that I died on July 15th! ...

Brighter days - Very often one finds in his dream a whole nest full of eggs, a basket or a shell. Such baskets are about people who returned from soul oppression to affirm the possibilities of existence.

Bright yellow cranes indicate that you have an enlightened intellect and can use this to get a higher perspective on problems at hand or to improve your philosophy of life.
Crash ...

bright moon symbol in dream
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bright spiritual dream; new awareness; shining in the dark; quick-witted; 'all that glitters is not gold'. Who is the bright star?
brocade dress up; fancy ball; all dressed up, but no place to go. Who are you trying to impress?

Brightness in a dream suggests one needs to look outside of him or herself in order to obtain an illumination in some aspect of their life.
Broadcast ...

Dreaming that something is bright, represents divinity, a higher consciousness, and spirituality. You need to honour an admirable person or situation. The dream may also be a metaphor for intellect and someone who is smart.

Very bright light: Intuition; contact with your core self, the place Life flows from; mega concept.
Spot or searchlight: Focusing attention on what is shown.

Bright prospects are forecast in a dream featuring anything concerned with Freemasonry.
This symbol also appears in the definitions for:
Stone, and Bricks.

No Place like Gnome for the Holidays
by: Edgar
What an astute and clever interpretation of the Gnome tradition, Avia! I am in love with this idea (and totally in love with Gnomes. I have them everywhere! All year round!).

Bright light dreams are common for those who are near death because it reflects the dreamers total preoccupation with noticing life being close to it's end.

Bright light dreams sometimes show up for those who are near death. 
To see soft or shadowy lighting in your dreams, might indicate feelings and thoughts from the primal aspects, or less developed parts of your unconscious.

A bright, clean baby, denotes love requited, and many warm friends. Walking alone, it is a sure sign of independence and a total ignoring of smaller spirits. If a woman dream she is nursing a baby, she will be deceived by the one she trusts most.

A brightly burning pile of fagots show you will win out over all those who oppose you. If you dream of... Continue dream interpretation - Fagot (burning sticks)"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Failure ...

A bright colored symbol in the context of muted colors is the dream's way of highlighting the symbol, emphasizing its importance in the dream.
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1. Bright, fluffy clouds in a clear sky indicate aspirations that you can attain if you work at them. A lot of such clouds imply success and happiness in romance.

To see bright transparent clouds with the sun shining through them, you will be successful after trouble has been your companion.
To see them with the stars shining, interpret fleeting joys and small advancements.
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To see bright colored eggs in your dream, symbolizes celebration of a happy event. Also see "Egg Hunt."
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To see a bright light in your dream, indicates that you need to move toward a higher level of awareness and feeling. Bright light dreams are sometimes common for those who are near death.
Light Bulb ...

Yellow: A bright yellow color represents "sunniness," joy, optimism, and intuition and mental stimulation. Muddier shades of yellow may mean blocked intuition, betrayal, treachery, and faithlessness.

Crossing a brightly lit bridge, and the bridge itself in good repair, with no difficulty, signifies a change in circumstances with a lot of prosperity heading your way.

light. A bright light signifies enlightenment and understanding. A flash of light symbolizes sudden insight.

Boat symbolises bright prospects, if upon clear water. If the water is murky then unhappy events are likely.
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To see bright coals of fire, denotes pleasure and many pleasant changes. To dream you handle them yourself, denotes unmitigated joy. To see dead coals implies trouble and disappointments.

To dream of sewing bright shining buttons on a uniform, betokens to a young woman the warm affection of a fine looking and wealthy partner in marriage. To a youth, it signifies admittance to military honors and a bright career.

Yellow is a bright, happy color, the color of sunshine, of daffodils and buttercups. It represents joy, fun, laughing out loud. Negative - illness, as in jaundice and yellow skin.

BRIGHT enlightenment
BRIGHT intellectual
BRIGHT making something clear
BROAD open to new ideas/ liberal minded
BROCHURE a perspective on something
BROCOLI food of mind - healthally meeting basic needs
BROKE UP being less attracted to some quality ...

If a star or other bright light appears in the blackness, this may be seen as a 'light at the end of the tunnel', that is, ...

In the first, I go into my room and remove my bedsheets and small,bright, metallic snakes (about 10) disperse and slither around my room. None attack.

Negro: To dream of seeing a negro standing on your green lawn, is a signthat while your immediate future seems filled with prosperityand sweetest joys, there will creep into it unavoidable discord,which will veil all brightness in gloom for a ...

To dream that you are looking through glass, could denote that bitter disappointments will cloud your brightest hopes.
To see your image in a mirror, foretells unfaithfulness and neglect in marriage, and fruitless speculations.

" If the staircase is bright and cheery, the climb to the top will be easy and pleasant. But if the staircase is dark and frightening, the dreamer may have to face some unpleasant situations before he gets to where he wants to be.

You can expect increasing success and security if you dream of a mixture of bright colours.

Wandering through a palace and noting its grandeur, signifies that your prospects are growing brighter and you will assume new dignity.

Window To see windows in your dreams, is an augury of fateful culmination to bright hopes. You will see your fairest wish go down in despair. Fruitless endeavors will be your portion. To see closed windows is a representation of desertion.

To see windows in your dream, signifies bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight. To dream that you are looking out the window, signifies your outlook on life, your consciousness, point of view, awareness, and intuition.

  I have an extremely dark complexion and my hair is curly and bright blue.  I realize this is not the way I look in my waking life and step back from the mirror in an attempt to correct the image I see of myself.

In the west, your prospects will be brighter than formally. In the north, obstacles will have to be removed before your prospects will brighten up. If in the east, you will easily win favors and fortune.

(im not sure that sounds right.) he was bright yellow, orange nearly. i thought ‘jondis.k his right leg more and more until it grotesquely deformed. his foot was completly facing the other direction.

The grass was really bright green and there was a heavy mist swirling around us. We all had long hair and were dressed in long muslin pale grey gowns. We were in a circle.

Bright nails means you will nevertheless enjoy the work. Bent or dull nails will show sickness and disorder entering your life shortly. To drive nails shows you will complete a deal and 'drive' a hard bargain.

A bright and clean child can mean a wonderful love affair. A small child can symbolize creativity or new ideas. If you cared for your own children it symbolize pleasant work. To care for the children of others mean that someone trusts you.

A macaw of bright plumage hopping about a cage, denotes an escape from an unpleasant and boring conference.
A picture or a statue of the Madonna is a propitious omen, You will win the love of a gifted and beautiful child.

To see him healthy, signifies happiness and bright prospects in the home.
To see him sick, indicates that he will be cruel and unfaithful to you.
To dream that he is in love with another woman, foretells that he will soon seek for pleasure elsewhere.

You have found the truth to a situation or an answer to a problem. To see a bright light in your dream, indicates that you need to move toward a higher level of awareness and feeling.

To dream of possessing bright new harness, you will soon prepare
for a pleasant journey.
To hear the sad sweet strains of a harp, denotes the sad ending
to what seems a pleasing and profitable enterprise.

To see them on evergreens, a bright future will be overcast with the shadow of doubtful honors.
To dream that you make ice, you will make a failure of your life through egotism and selfishness.

This dream holds out bright hopes to sailors or those about to make a long voyage. To mothers, this means fair and obedient children. If you are sick and unfortunate, you will have a speedy recovery [.] ...

Bright colours
Rounded or round object (this is the energy of the prophecy, of premonition).
A symbol repeating itself three times.
If you are not sure, interpret the dream both literally and symbolically until the meaning becomes clear.

I went to a brighter part of the library and found a small and very old clock. Looked like it wasn't working for a long time. I moved the pointers to see if it would make a cool noise but it didn't.

I saw bright red on the doorways, trim, and foundation pillars .It was a great and beautiful building. Smoke poured out the windows and I looked into the smoke. I saw young men like angels.

If you dream of looking through glass, disappointments will interfere with your brightest hopes. To see broken glass in your dream suggests something you thought would last a long time will end surprisingly and too soon.

Also: If you heard this instrument, the meaning relates to the sound; if it struck you as doleful, you may expect some sadness but not of a deep or lasting nature. If the sound was lively and bright, you will soon have some happy social times.

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